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Notebook Computer Rental Policy

DIVISION: Academic Information Services
UNIT: Lydia M. Olson Library
DATE: February 2004; revised April 16, 2011
PURPOSE: Identify circumstances and conditions applicable to laptop rental.
APPLICABILITY: NMU students, faculty and staff


General Information
Laptops are available for rental from the Library. To check out a laptop, you must have a valid NMU ID and be a current graduate or undergraduate student registered for classes. Under special circumstances, faculty and staff may also rent laptops. To check out a MacBook, you must be an Art & Design major or be enrolled in an Art & Design class requiring a MacBook. Only current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to rent a laptop.

When you check out the laptop, you will be asked to read and sign a Laptop Components Checklist verifying you have received all the components. You will also be asked to read and sign a Laptop Check Out Agreement verifying that you understand your obligations regarding the use of the laptop.

While using the laptop, if you do find a problem with it, notify the Library immediately (906 227-2260).

You will return the laptop to Olson Library at the end of the loan period. Once returned, Circulation staff will verify that all the parts have been returned. They will also assess the laptop for any damage. Costs will be assessed for any damages or lost components. If all components are returned and the laptop is not damaged, circulation staff will check the machine in and re-image it. None of your files will be viewed and they will be removed prior to the next use of the laptop. This is for protection of your privacy as well as for the convenience of the next user.

Loan Periods
There are three loan periods, each with an associated cost.

Daily check out: $15.00/day for a ThinkPad, loan period of 24 hours
$20.00/day for a MacBook, loan period of 24 hours

Weekly check out: $40.00/week for a ThinkPad, loan period of 7 days
$55.00/week for a MacBook, loan period of 7 days

Summer check out: $250.00 for a ThinkPad; loan until end of summer school
$345.00 for a MacBook; loan until end of summer school

Registered students considered part-time (less than 12 credits for undergraduates or less than 8 credits for graduate students) can receive a notebook computer for the fall or winter semester through Micro Repair. See distribution information for fees and the location of Micro Repair.

Renewal will be allowed and will result in an additional rental fee.

Overdue Fines and Billing Information
Once a laptop is overdue, the user will be assessed a $15.00 per day late fee ($20.00 per day late fee for a MacBook.)

If the laptop is not returned, replacement costs will be assessed at $1,000.00 in accordance with the computer agreement.

If laptop components are not returned, replacement costs will be assessed according to the price listed on the Laptop Components Checklist.


CONTACT: Academic Information Services/Olson Library - Circulation, (906)-227-2260.

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