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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
The Archives are under the direction of a professional archivist who manages the records of the university and collects, organizes, preserves, and encourages the use of historical materials relating to NMU and the Upper Peninsula. Courses and lectures are offered in the use of these materials and research assistance is available.
  Mission: The Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives serves as a repository for unpublished organizational records and personal papers that document the history of Northern Michigan University and the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Through its collections and services, the Archives supports the mission of Academic Information Services and the university's instruction, scholarship, and community educational outreach activities.
  Policies: Collection Development
Records Management
  Hours: Archives Hours
  Staff: Staff Directory
  Contacts: Marcus Robyns, University Archivist.  227-1046.
  Video: Archives Clip (2 min. 48 sec.)

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Computing Help Desk
Staff in ACS provide support to students and faculty for general computing needs. Classroom and lab facilities are available and the Help Desk offers technical and software support for laptop computers.

Academic Computing Services (ACS) contributes to the mission of Academic Information Services and to the university by providing support for the Teaching, Learning, and Communication (TLC) program and other campus computing activities. ACS supports NMU's educational, scholarship, and outreach activities by providing HelpDesk, MicroRepair, and programming services to students, faculty, and staff.


Acceptable Use Policy
Lenovo Notebook Computer Repair Policy
Apple Notebook Computer Repair Policy

Dial-in Policy
Notebooks for Adjuncts
Notebooks for Part-Time Students
Rental Policy
Purchase Policy
Additional Policies

  Hours: Help Desk
Micro Repair
  Staff: Staff Directory
  Contacts: Chris Wagner. HelpDesk Manager.  227-1961.
  Video: Academic Computing Services (ACS) Clip (2 min. 32 sec.)

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Instructional Design and Technology
Instructional Technology includes the Center for Instructional Technology in Education (CITE) and offers support to faculty for integrating various technologies into the teaching, learning, and research processes. Assistance is provided for developing and implementing full web-based as well as web-enhanced courses.

AIS's Instructional Design and Technology unit supports teaching and learning in online and classroom-based environments by providing resources, tools, and services that enable faculty to innovatively use technology to deliver and enhance pedagogically sound courses and programs.

ABOUT CLASSROOM SUPPORT: The IDT office helps achieve this mission by providing instructional equipment and support services for classroom instruction, by providing access to and distribution of instructional materials, and by working to improve classrooms to make them more conducive to learning.

ABOUT CENTER FOR INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION: The CITE is a resource center where faculty can go to learn about, experiment with, and get advice and assistance with a variety of instructional technology tools. The CITE may be best known as the place to get assistance with NMU's online course management system, NMU EduCat™. It is also a "faculty sandbox" for a variety of other hardware and software that can be used to enhance teaching and learning online and in classrooms.

  Policies: Support Policies and Standard Practices
  Hours: CITE: Monday-Thursday, 10am – 6:30pm • Friday, 10am – 3pm • Saturday, CLOSED
IDT Office Suite: Monday-Thursday, 8am - 9pm • Friday, 8am – 5pm • Saturday, 9am – 4pm
  Staff: Professional Staff Directory
  Contacts: Matt Smock, Director of Instructional Design and Technology (227-1886)
IDT Classroom Support (227-2290)
CITE (227-2483)
  Video: CITE Clip (2 min. 33 sec.)

Lydia M. Olson Library
Located in the Harden Learning Resources Center, the Library contains more than 522,000 books and journals and provides access to numerous online resources. As a depository for U.S. and Michigan government publications, Olson Library houses nearly 530,000 government documents and includes a regional map collection. The Pre-K to 12 Collection has textbooks and media supporting teacher education. Library facilities include wired and wireless network access for students' laptop computers, study areas, conference rooms, photocopy machines, microform printers, audiovisual and multimedia equipment.



Olson Library contributes to the mission of Academic Information Services and to NMU's teaching, learning, scholarship, and community outreach activities by providing academic programming in information literacy, access to information resources in a range of formats, instructional and consultative services, and a place to study and engage in collaborative scholarship.
  Policies: Circulation
Collection Development
Laptop Rental
  Hours: Olson Library
Public Services Desk
  Staff: Staff Directory
  Contacts: Leslie Warren, Dean of Academic Information Services.  227-2117.
Krista Clumpner, Head of Technical Services & Systems.  227-1205.
Douglas Black, Collection Development Librarian.  227-1208.
Mollie Freier, Head of Public Services.  227-1061
  Video: Library Clip (2 min. 29 sec.)
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