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AIS Videos
Sponsored by AISAC & AIS

The following videos describe the collections and services offered by the various Academic Information Services units. The videos are in .wmv format and require Microsoft Media Player to view. Microsoft Media Player is available to download at the ACS Downloads page.

View Complete Video (14 min. 32 sec.)

View the AIS Introduction Clip (2 min. 16 sec.)
View the Library Clip (2 min. 29 sec.)
View the Archives Clip (2 min. 48 sec.)
View the Academic Computing Services (ACS) Clip (2 min. 32 sec.)
View the Instructional Media Services Clip (1 min. 54 sec.)
View the Instructional Technology Clip (2 min. 37 sec.)

The following video clips were produced by Audio Visual Services, Learning Resources Division.  To learn more about the services they offer, please visit their web site.

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