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Health Statistics/Epidemiology Resources
Guide developed by Prof. Mike Strahan, Olson Library (227-2463)
Updated 2/1/09

Olson Library subscribes to over 20 epidemiology journals online, including:

MMWR (Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report) (1982-present) (free access)

American journal of epidemiology (1996-present)  

Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health (2005-present)

Emerging Infectious Diseases (1995-present) (free access)

International journal of epidemiology (1996-present)  

Journal of clinical epidemiology (1997-present)

Journal of epidemiology and community health (1998-1 year ago)

Weekly epidemiological record (WHO) (1926-present)

APA Guide APA How-to Videos

Citing Tables & Figures

Demographic Statistics (Reliable Local, County, & State of Michigan) (Includes population, social & economic, education/school districts, income & poverty, etc.) State of Michigan site

Michigan State PoliceState & Local statistics (by county & city/township reporting agency)
Includes accidents.

Health Statistics - Michigan (reliable local & county data for Health Assessment)

U.P. County Health Departments Marquette, Chippewa, Delta & Menominee, Dickinson-Iron, Luce-Mackinac-Alger-Schoolcraft, Western Upper Peninsula District (Baraga-Gogebic-Houghton-Keweenaw-Ontonagon)

Community Health Profiles by County — One-year data & rates, plus three-year average rates compared to entire state

Reportable Diseases in Michigan — List of "conditions that should be reported to the local health department"

*NEW* Michigan Emerging Disease Issues — Includes links to Michigan Weekly Disease Surveillance Report. This report provides breakdown by county for current week & year-to-date of communicable diseases. Hint: Use the find feature to search listings.

Michigan Community Health Information — Use drop boxes to select health statistics tables by state, county, local health department, or minor civil division with population over 10,000

Michigan Health Statistics & Reports Maintained by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Includes health statistics plus population trends.

State Health Facts Online (Michigan) Maintained by the Henry Kaiser Foundation, provides state-level data including demographics for all states & territories. Includes an instant comparison feature & glossary.

Michigan Health & Hospital Association — State, regional (Upper Peninsula), & local data.

Database Search Tips

CINAHL Plus with Full Text
1. Click on CINAHL Headings link to search for specific disease/condition/topic.
After entering term, click Browse.
3. Review displayed results, click on heading to view details.
4. If correct heading, then click on box to left of term, then click Search Database.
5. To apply epi-related subheadings, highlight this: /EC/EH/EP/HI/MO/NU/PC/RF/TD/TM
then copy & paste at end of MH term in search strategy (to the inside of quotation mark)

Subheading abbreviations are: EC - Economics; EH - Ethnology;
EP - Epidemiology (including incidence & prevalence); HI - History; MO - Mortality;
NU - Nursing Care & Techniques; PC - Prevention & Control; RF - Risk Factors;
TD - Trends; TM - Transmission

Using Subjects link to thesaurus, search for specific disease/condition/topic. Choose appropriate Topical Sub-Headings of either (may only choose one at a time) :
-- epidemiology
-- ethnology
-- mortality
-- statistics & numerical data

Cochrane Library
Alternate searching strategy:

1. Click on MeSH Search
2. Enter term, then click on Thesaurus button and click on correct term
3. Add qualifier restriction by clicking on Qualifiers: drop box
(repeat process to add more qualifiers)
4. C
lick View Results button

Health Statistics - National (includes reliable national data with some state/regional/local components)

CDC National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) — Primary gateway to U.S. health statistics.

CDC A-Z Index Nursing students - start here

Health, United States Annual report on trends in health statistics.

Fast Stats A to Z Data by state/territory & type/category.

CDC Wonder Provides quick access to a variety of reports and health data. Click on Dataset Summary link to work with the data to compile your own reports. Note that map feature not functional (see below for another option).

CDC Data & Statistics More complex approach to retrieving statistics.

Data2010...the Healthy People 2010 Database

The State of Aging and Health in America national- and state-based report cards (2007 & 2004 full reports)

FedStats Access to statistics compiled by over 100 U.S. federal agencies. Demographic data and data maps available.

MapStats Demographics by county, state court district, federal judicial district, & congressional district

National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) Datasets by Title Data, studies & surveys

NationalAtlas Create health data (under People section) maps.

Kids Count (Annie E. Casey Foundation) — National and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. measure the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of children.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Look specifically at Population (Section 1), Vital Statistics (2), and Health & Nutrition (3). Although a Secondary source, information is easily found.

Health Statistics - International (includes reliable international & national data)

United Nations Health Statistics Official statistics provided by national authorities. Also available are comprehensive tables from Demographic Yearbook, Population and Vital Statistics Report (updated every 2 weeks), and Statistics and indicators on women and men, and direct access to statistical databases.

World Bank Group GenderStats
— Data by country & region. Download data in Excel format for easier integration into research papers.

World Health Organization World Health Report

WHO Statistical Information System (use detailed search to build your own data tables for Excel)

UNICEF's The State of the World's Children


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