Bike Share Program Back for 2016 – The ASNMU bike share program is now up and running! With your NMU ID, you are able to borrow a bike for up to three days at a time! Stop by the library on any weekday when we are open.¬† … Continue reading
Jamrich Hours During Finals Week – ASNMU will once again sponsor Jamrich Hall as a 24-Hour Study Lounge during finals week. It starts Sunday, April 24 @ midnight and ends Wednesday, April 27 at midnight. Jamrich Hall hours the remainder of the week are as follows: … Continue reading
Quality online dictionaries and reference sources – Next time you need a definition or quick bit of information, don’t waste your time with or poor quality information on Google. Oxford Reference Library Premium¬†is a great online source of reference type materials that can come in handy … Continue reading