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Community Borrower Policy

DIVISION: Library and Instructional Support
UNIT: Lydia M. Olson Library
DATE: July 21, 2016
PURPOSE: To describe the availability of Community Borrower Cards
APPLICABILITY: All library patrons


The Lydia M. Olson Library and Central Upper Peninsula Archives inspire scholarship and creativity by partnering with our University community as teachers and curators of information in a supportive, collaborative environment. In addition, the Library and Archives serves the people and institutions of the Upper Peninsula. In partial fulfillment of this service role, Olson Library provides community borrower cards to community members as follows:

Any resident of the Upper Peninsula aged fourteen (14) or older may apply for and receive a community borrower card. Such cards are valid from the date of issuance until that same date a year later.

For members of these groups only, the requirement of Upper Peninsula residency may be waived:

  • NMU graduate students doing thesis work but currently not enrolled for thesis credit

  • NMU alumni

  • Members of the NMU Board of Trustees

When applying for a community borrower card, an applicant (or parent/legal guardian) must present a current Michigan driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or two pieces of identification showing place of residence. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application form of any applicant under the age of eighteen (18) in the presence of an Olson Library staff member.

The community borrower card holder (or parent or legal guardian of a community borrower card holder under the age of eighteen) assumes financial responsibility for all library materials charged to the holder’s card. This responsibility includes all overdue fines, library fees, damage fees, or replacement costs for any overdue, lost or damaged items. The card holder (or parent or legal guardian) also assumes responsibility for library materials from the time the items are charged until they are checked in.

A community borrower card holder may check out library materials from the circulating collection. Periodicals, newspapers, reference books, and other non-circulating materials may not be checked out. Loans will be made for the same period as those for NMU undergraduate students. Materials checked out by community borrower card holders are subject to recall.

Interlibrary loan and MeLCat privileges are not extended to community borrower card holders. Community borrower card holders desiring these privileges should contact their local public library. Most electronic resources are not available off-site to community borrower card holders due to license restrictions.

An annual fee will be charged to all community borrower card holders except for NMU alumni, members of the NMU Board of Trustees, card holders under eighteen (18) years of age, and currently-employed elementary and secondary teachers. NMU alumni must provide proof of membership in the NMU Alumni Association in order for this fee to be waived.

The privilege of receiving and maintaining use of a community borrower card is dependent on the holder observing all NMU policies and regulations. Olson Library reserves the right to refuse to renew a community borrower card or cancel a current card if these policies and regulations are not observed.

CONTACT: Library and Instructional Support/Olson Library - Circulation, (906)-227-2260.



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