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Reserve Policy

DIVISION: Library and Instructional Support
UNIT: Olson Library
DATE: January 2014
PURPOSE: To define the process of placing materials on reserve


Faculty often require an entire class to read or use a particular library item--a chapter from a book, a periodical article or a publication. So that all students in a class have access to the same item, the Library maintains a reserve collection in paper and/or electronic format of books, articles and other materials.

Items are placed on reserve at a faculty member's request. Reserve materials may include personal copies as well as library-owned materials. The library is not responsible for personal copies that are damaged or lost. The library will notify the instructor to arrange for replacement.

Faculty may request that materials be placed on reserve by submitting a Reserve List form. The form may be picked up at the Public Services Desk, obtained via campus mail by calling the Circulation Department, or accessed on the Library website.

Materials submitted to the Circulation Department to be placed on Reserve will be processed as quickly as possible.

Print reference books or entire issues or bound volumes of library periodicals will not be placed on reserve.

U.S. Depository access regulations require that government documents be available to all library patrons. Access to government documents placed on reserve is not, therefore, limited to NMU cardholders.

The library follows copyright law as it applies to reserve materials regardless of the format. Copyright law also applies to materials placed on electronic reserve. While copyrighted materials may be placed on reserve, permission from the copyright holder must be obtained for the photocopied item to be placed on reserve beyond a single semester. Library staff will secure copyright permission whenever possible; the Circulation Supervisor will determine when permission is required.

At the end of each academic period (i.e. winter, fall and summer semesters), materials are removed from reserve. Personal copies will be returned to the faculty member; library copies will be returned to the appropriate locations. If a faculty member requests that an item remain on reserve beyond one semester, copyright permission must be obtained for those items requiring such permission.

REFERENCES: Copyright Information.

CONTACT: Library Circulation Supervisor, (906)-227-2261.


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