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Reference Assistance Form

We are not able to perform lengthy research, but rather brief answers to factual questions.  If you have extensive research needs, please visit the reference desk during open hours.  If you need help using one of the library's electronic resources or databases, consider posting your question on the library's online chat service for a faster response.  Email requests will be responded to within 2 business days.

1. Your name:
Your email address:
Your status: Student   Faculty   Staff   Other
Are you a distance education student? Yes   No  
2. Date information is needed by: (mm/dd/yy)
3. Describe your question or information need below:
Please write as clearly as possible and the more you tell us, the better.  Indicate what do you already know about your subject or question.
4. How will you use this information? Will this be for class?  If so which class?  Do you need to 
write a paper, give a presentation, etc?  How long of a paper or presentation?  Is this for personal use?  Why do you want to know about this topic? 

Telling us why you need the information or how you are going to use it helps us determine the sources to consult.

5. Sources Consulted:
Please list any databases (e.g. WilsonSelectPlus on FirstSearch, Library Catalog, etc.) Web sites, or print sources you have searched.  We don't want to duplicate your attempts. Also, if you performed a search in an electronic database or on the Internet, it would be helpful if you told us your search statement (e.g. gun control AND crime)

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