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State of Michigan Government Information


Executive Branch [agencies, budget...]

Tax Information [federal and state]

Legislative Branch [bills, laws, Congress...]

Additional Government Websites

Judicial Branch [courts]

Lists of Online Agency Publications [DEQ, DNR, etc]



Northern Michigan University is one of 12 libraries in the state (and the only one in the Upper Peninsula) to be designated as a Michigan Documents Depository. This program, administered by the Library of Michigan, distributes publications in print and electronic form that are available to all citizens of Michigan. Look carefully at what you've found our library catalog: there might be a link to a document that exists only online instead of a call number to a printed one. Electronic Michigan Documents (and only electronic Michigan documents) can be searched via this search engine.

For Upper Peninsula government information, please go to the Local & Regional Documents webpage.

Core Resources

Michigan Constitution
Michigan has adopted four constitutions, those of 1835, 1850, 1908, and 1963. Each document was the product of a convention composed of delegates elected to draft a proposed constitution for submission to the voters. This link will let you view the last constitution, of 1963, which became effective on January 1, 1964, and has been amended 17 times. A paper copy can be found in the Michigan Documents area under KFM 4601 1963 .A35 2002.

Google Custom Search: Michigan Resources
Created by the Univesity of Michigan, this meta-search allows you to search across 98 sites that have one thing in common: Michigan. Includes government and non-government resources.

Google Custom Search Engine for Michigan Tribes
Includes all 12 tribes in Michigan as well as links associated with the tribes. Casinos not included.

Census: Michigan
State of Michigan website devoted to census data for Michigan. Population as well as Socio-Economic data has been obtained from the Federal Census and summarized/edited into numbers specific to Michigan. Most reports are in .pdf or spreadsheet formats.

Citizens Research Council of Michigan
CRC of Michigan is a nonprofit public affairs research organization that provides factual, unbiased, independent information on issues concerning state and local government in Michigan.

Citizen's Guide to State Government
Prepared by the Michigan Legislature, this pdf contains detailed information on all three branches of state government, including names of current House and Senate officers, committee members, and Supreme Court justices. Provides a good overview for anyone interested in Michigan politics. Additional publications can be found here.

MichiganVotes.org. This is a free public service of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which is a conservative think tank. Like the CRC of Michigan, this resource is not a website from the State of Michigan. Also related is the non-partisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a group concerned about the influence of money in politics.

List of Michigan Think Tanks.
From Julia Frankosky at Michigan State University.

Publications from the Michigan Legislature
Constantly updated list of publications about Michigan government including the Citizen's Guide to State Government, Taxpayer Guide, Tenants & Landlords, and Friend of the Court.

Searching for older Michigan publications that are, perhaps, not online? Try one of several resources: the Library of Michigan Catalog (this includes Michigan State University), the University of Michigan, and the Detroit Public Library.

Executive Branch [back to top]

State Web Sites
A site map of the State of Michigan website with agencies, boards, commissions, offices, etc. An additional resource is an A-Z list of online services, sortable by agency or theme.

Office of the State Budget
Links to the most recent budget bills for departments.  Previous budgets are available to fiscal year 2000.

State of Michigan Directory
Allows you to look up State of Michigan employees and their phone numbers or email addresses.

Legislative Branch [back to top]

Michigan Legislature
A free service of the Michigan Legislative Council, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the Michigan Senate.  Provides information on bills, Senate and House calendars, committee meetings, joint resolutions, public acts, and the Michigan Compiled Laws.

State of Michigan Representatives (UP only) [see also U.S. representatives ]

Legal resources for Michigan at the Olson Library can be located using this guide.

Sara Cambensy (D)
House representative for the 109th District.

Christine Greig (D)
House representative for the 37th District.

Gregory Markkanen (R)
House representative for the 110th District.

Beau LaFave (R)
House representative for the 108th District.

Ed McBroom (R)
Senate representative for the 38th District.

Lee Chatfield (R)
House representative for the 107th District.

Michigan House of Representatives
The official Web page for Michigan's House of Representatives.

Michigan Senate
The official Web page for Michigan's Senate.

Judicial Branch [back to top]

Michigan Courts
Offers links to the Michigan Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and trial courts.  Also provides an overview of the court system, online court forms, current court rules, etc.

State Legal Materials
Listing of Michigan legal resources from Cornell University.

Federal District Courts for Michigan

Eastern District
United States District Court
United States District Court - Bankruptcy Court

Western District
United States District Court
United States District Court - Bankruptcy Court

Additional Government Websites [back to top]

Michigan Townships Association.

Michigan Association of Counties.

Michigan Association of Mayors.

Intertribal Council of Michigan. An additional (and expanded) resource for Native American's in Michigan is Government Resources for Michigan Tribal Libraries.

Michigan Association of Regions. There are 14 regions in Michigan (also known as Councils of Government).

State and Local Government on the Net: Michigan. A bit of a duplication of what's been listed here, but in a different layout. The National Association of Counties has a clickable map of states with similar contact information.

The Council of State Governments Knowledge Center. The CSG is a region-based forum that fosters the exchange of insights and ideas to help state officials shape public policy. This offers unparalleled regional, national and international opportunities to network, develop leaders, collaborate and create problem-solving partnerships. The Midwest Office covers Michigan.

Agency Publications [back to top]

Many Michigan agencies have scanned in older (and current) printed publications (such as reports) and have made them available online. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to find. I hope this list helps (and you could search Michigan Google Custom Search for "publications"). The list below links you to those lists. USA.gov can be used to search Michigan government websites. Type "site:michigan.gov" after your search.

Questions? Contact Bruce Sarjeant, Reference, Documents & Maps Librarian (227-1580).


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