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Course Guides

All A B C D E F G H I J-M N O P Q-S T-U
ACT 431 Accounting Information Systems
AD Resources
AD280 History of photography
AD365 History of Modern Design
AD375 Perception and Visual Form
AIS 535 Life After Graduation
AN 100 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
AN 210 Ecological Anthropology: People, Nature and Culture
AN 295 Religion & Society
AN 320 Native People of North America
AN 330 Indians of the Western Great Lakes
AN 383 Medical Anthropology: Pluralistic Systems of Health Care
ATR 320 Advanced Assessment Techniques in AT I

BC 165 Introduction To Mass Media
BC 415 Intercultural Communication
BC 470 Mass Communication Law (Ganzert)
BC471: Media and Society
Biology Resource Guide
BUS 510: Business Law and Ethics
Business Research Resources

CIS 110 Principles of CIS
CIS 250/255 Systems Development
CJ 490 Professional Development & Assessment
CJ 504 Graduate Seminar in Criminal Justice
Clinical Molecular Genetics Resources (graduate)
Clinical Sciences Programs (CLS, RAD, ST)
Criminal Justice - Loss Prevention
Criminal Justice Research Resources

Deaf Studies

EC 101 The American Economy
EC 337 American Economic History
EC 345 Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
EC 410 Managerial Economics
EC 425 International Economics
ED 306 Children's Literature
ED 319/349 Teaching of Reading in Secondary Schools
Education Graduate Resources
Embedded Courses List (current semester)
EN 103: Approaches to Academic Literacy and Study
EN 111 College Composition I
EN 111 College Composition I (Dan Gocella)
EN 206: Survey of Journalism (Basolo)
EN 211: College Composition II
EN 211: College Composition II (Hamilton and Larkin)
EN 282 Introduction to Literature (D. Ording)
EN 282: Introduction to Literature (Larkin)
EN 284 Survey of British Literature II
EN 309: Teaching of Writing
EN 311Z: World Literature in English: Caribbean
EN 314 Traditional Oral Literatures
EN 316 Native American Novels & Poetry
EN 317 Native American Drama, Non-fiction, ...
EN 322 Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature, ...
EN 330 British Romantic Literature
EN 360: Modern British Literature
EN 361 Studies in Genre: Poetry
EN 363 Studies in Genre: Drama
EN 363 Studies in Genre: Drama (Ording)
EN 366 Applied Literary Theory
EN 370: American Lit I
EN 373 Contemporary American Literature
EN 375 Traditions in American Literature
EN 378: Early African-American Lit
EN 379: Modern African American Literature: Black Lives Matter
EN 382 and 382R: British Literature, 1960-present
EN 407 Feature and Magazine Writing
EN 407 Feature and Magazine Writing (J. McCommons)
EN 493 Senior Seminar: Issues in Literature
EN 504 Principles of Critical Investigation
EN 510 The Teaching of Composition
EN 511: Teaching Reading in the English Classroom (Soldner)
EN 595: Introduction to Digital Humanities
EN Thesis Research
ESPR 260 Fundamentals of Entertainment and Sports...

FR310 French Civilization and Culture (Foster)

GC 205 Research Methods in Geography
GC 320 Environmental Policy & Regulation
GC 320 Environmental Policy & Regulation (Johnson)
GC 475 Environmental Impact Assessment
Genealogy Resources
GIS Resources
GN 100: Introduction to Gender Studies
GR General German Resources
GR310: German Culture andd Civilization
Gwinn High School (Ruiz)

HL 110 Introduction to Health & Fitness
HL 322 International Health Issues
HL 367 Planning and Evaluation in Health & Fitness
HL 430 Grant Writing for Health Educators
HL 440 Critical Issues in Health Education
HL 485 Drug Use and Abuse
HM 112 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HON 101 Origin of Western Values
HS 252 Arab-Islamic History
HS 295 Immigration History (Lubotina)
HS 307 French Revolution
HS 330 U.S. Sports History
HS 360 Revolutionary China (Mihalopoulos)
HS 490 Jr/Sr Seminar in History (Defonso)
HS 490 Jr/Sr Seminar in History (Goodrich)
HS 490 Jr/Sr Seminar in History (Mead)
HS 490 Jr/Sr Seminar in History (Nicholson)
HS 495 US Immigration History

IP 490 International Studies Seminar

MAED 591 Research Found. of Math Education
Management Research Resources
MGT 425 - Business Research
Military Science
MSED 251 Life Science for Educators
MSED 340 Fundamental Concepts in Science
MSU MSW - NMU Olson Library Resources
MU 320 Survey of Jazz
Munising AP Class
Munising High School

NAS 204 Native American Experience
NAS 212 MI & WI Tribes, Treaties and Current Issues
NAS 440: Awesiinh: Wild Animals Relations
Newberry High School
Nursing: DNP Resources
Nursing: Undergraduate Resources

OIS Research Resources

PA 500: Research Methods of Public Administration
PE 212 Anatomical/Mechanical Assessment
PE 470 Sports Psychology
PL 330 Existentialism
Political Science Resources (U.S. Government)
PR 250 Public Relations Research
PS 215 Introduction to Law
PS 309: State and Local Government
PS 501 and 524
PS 520 Politics of Education
PS 530 Seminar in Administrative Law
PY 205 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
PY 505 Advanced Research Methods
PY Training and Performance Improvement

SL 456: Language and Learning Disabilities in Children
SN 312 Introduction to Spanish America
SN 314 Contemporary Latin American Culture
SN 429 Spanish American Lit. Since 1900
SO 100 Youth Culture in Transition
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
SO 208 Research Methods
SO 308 Methods of Social Research II
SO 498 Domestic Violence
SP 100 Public Address
SP 200 Argumentation
SP 300 Rhetorical Theory
SP310 Communication Theory
Speech-Language (SLP)
Surgical Technology
SW 100 Exploring Social Work
SW 308 Methods of Social Research II
SW 412 Domestic Violence
SW 440 Social Work Policy Analysis
SW 474 Integrative Seminar II
SW 498 Domestic Violence

UN 100 - Careers
UN 100 - Careers & Evaluating Internet Resources
UN 100 - Careers (Robinette)
UN 100 - Health & Clinical Sciences blocks
UN 100 - Journalism and Local Resources
UN 100 - Literature(Ulland)
UN 100 - Psychology

Course guides provide a list of library resources tailored to course assignments.

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