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Business Research Information Resources & Services
Available through NMU Olson Library
Library Guide managed by Professor Marcus Robyns

revised 5/08/2017

Look for Brief How-to Videos (Flash format)

Hoover's Reports (subscription version)
Current data covering public and non-public companies and key executives

Business Insights: Global
Includes many resources, market share, industry & companing reports
Also includes Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries,
Encyclopedia of Global Industries,
Encyclopedia of American Industries,
Market Share Reporter,
Business Rankings Annual

ABI/INFORM Global w/ Wall Street Journal full-text

Google Scholar - NMU-partnered URL links to our full-text journals (use ILL instead of paying for articles)


U.S. Economic Census Data (popular topics) (updated every 5 years)

County Business Patterns
An annual series that provides economic data by industry. 

U.S. Census of Population: 2010 Demographic Profile

General Business File ASAP


Westlaw Campus (legal materials, federal & state case law/court decisions, U.S. Code, state statutes, administrative codes & regulations, and over 900 law journals & reviews)

PsycINFO (great for consumer behavior) & SocAbs (Sociology)

All Related Databases (including descriptions)

Distance Library Services (DLS) Description
Click here to Register for DLS (restrictions apply)
How-to request materials as an DLS student

Guide with New 6th edition 2010 Formats

APA - How to Caption Tables & Figures

Access Tipasa for Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Search for Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings

Books24x7 (illustrated computer books)

Google Scholar
(this access has links to NMU online articles)

Library Map

Economics in
HB's & HC's

Business in HF's

Finance in HG's

Psychology in BF's

Does Olson Library not hold the material you need?

Request books through MelCat using your NMU library barcode (begins with 2185)
Request articles and non-MeLCat books through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Before submitting request, you must verify through NMU library catalog that we do not subscribe to journal/magazine issue in any format, or we do not hold the book/video/etc.

While in an online database (e.g., ABI/INFORM), submit requests by clicking on Request form link located in popup box.

Allow minimum of 10 days to receive materials; request default is 30 days.
General Information

Specialized Business-related Library Course Guides

ACT 431 CIS 110 CIS 250/255

Off-Campus Access: If you have trouble accessing ABI or other online library resources from off-campus with a cable modem, wireless, or a non-NMU Internet service provider, login using the VPN client software. It is located under Start, All Programs, Nortel Networks or Cisco, VPN Client. If you don't have an NMU issued laptop download the software here.

Library Catalogs

Library Catalog contains records for books, journal titles, government documents, etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by NMU, LSSU, Finlandia U., and GCC libraries.  (Note:  Does not contain articles which appear in journals--see Searching/Locating Article Records below.)

WorldCat  -- Contains records for books, journal titles, documents, reports, government resources, etc. in a variety of formats (including online) held by libraries worldwide.  Uses FirstSearch interface.

Searching/Locating Article Records & Online Materials Through Databases
Students MUST HAVE NMU computer/e-mail ID & password to access ABI/INFORM and most other subscription databases when connecting via another Internet Provider (e.g., school district, up.net, Charter, etc.). Click here to retrieve your information. 

Database Name


ABI/INFORM Global & Wall Street Journal
May also search simulataneously with Hoover's. Includes Wall Street Journal full-text 1984-present

Look for Intellidocs link to Hoover's (subscription) Company Records.

Contains records from nearly 2,000 Business & Economics scholarly & professional journals.  Over 50% online full-text/full-image. Some indexing and full-text 1905-present.

Hoover's Company Records
Included when searing ABI/INFORM.


Current data covering 40,000+ public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives.  Full-text company overview, history, people, products and operations, competitors, proprietary in-depth industry analyses, top officers, and three years of financial data (annual & quarterly). Constantly updated.
Business Insights: Global

Also includes searchable full-text of the Encyclopedia of Associations.

Full-text comprehensive research tool which indexes scholarly & trade journals, new articles & press releases. Also provides full-text of company financials, earnings estimates, & investment reports; company histories & chronologies; rankings; industry overviews; & market share data. Also online full-text business/industry encyclopedias.
General Business File ASAP
including 50,000 Investext company/organization reports provided by brokerage firms.

Contains records from over 2,700 Business & Economics scholarly & professional journals, newspapers, and wire services.  Over 58% online full-text/full-image.

Search Social Sciences Journals
PsycInfo (Psychological Abstracts) Psychology & Psychiatry. Indexes over 9,000 scholarly/professional journals, plus numerous books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses & dissertations, and conference papers. Covers material published 1887-present.

SocAbs (Sociological Abstracts) Sociology & Social Work. Indexes scholarly/professional journals, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses & dissertations, conference papers, and web sites. Covers material published 1952-present.

ERIC Education. Contains records for scholarly & trade journal articles, and ERIC Documents (ED's) (reports/documents, lesson plans, theses, dissertations, and conference papers).

Google Scholar Search for scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, and books. Results will include links to online articles through our subscriptions, or to search our library catalog.

e-books:  Books24x7 (illustrated computer books)

Sources which provide Reviews or how to Obtain Tests

Mental Measurements Yearbook [Buros Institute] 3rd Fllor Books: BF 431 .B932 (1940-2007)
This multivolume set includes timely test reviews. Typically, entries include test description, one or two professional reviews, and an extensive list of references to pertinent literature. To be reviewed in the MMY a test must be commercially available, published in the English language, and is new, revised, or widely used.

The ETS Test Collection
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection contains descriptions of over 20,000
tests and research instruments. There is a short description of each testing instrument along
with availability information.

Searching for Published Scales in databases in ABI/INFORM or PsycINFO
Hint: copy & paste for phrase searching

"Cultural diversity scale"
(e.g., Hofstede's scale)
"Job satisfaction"
(e.g. JDS)
"Learning organization"
"Organizational commitment" "Organizational effectiveness" Personality
"Product satisfaction" Self-efficacy  
Self-esteem "Organization-based Self-esteem" "task oriented"
"Service Satisfaction"
Conflict - affective person vs. cognitive

Sample Search when the instrument name is not one of the search terms:

Search Terms
"job satisfaction" and studies Subject
test* or instrument* or survey* or scale* Citation and abstract

Search Business Journals

Searching key words/concepts notes:

  • In ABI/INFORM only, search for Experimental/theoretical as follows:
    cc(9130) or "empirical research"
  • Limit to Scholarly journals
  • Consider limiting search concept to Subject field if necessary
  • Consider phrase searching using quotation marks "  "
  • Consider limiting search to:  Citation and article text
  • Also click on "More Search Options" (lower left corner) to maximize search options (e.g., browse subjects, limit to specific journals).

Plagiarism is using someone else's ideas or words & claiming them as your own without properly citing or attributing to the source. As the wealth of information in a variety of formats become easier to access on the Internet, it is increasingly important to properly cite where you find information. For further information, consult the NMU Writing Center handout on plagiarism, and the NMU Student Handbook policies on Academic Dishonesty under Student Rights & Responsibilities section 1.2.3,
& Student Code section 2.2.3. Also view the NMU CTA video on Academic Honesty & Plagiarism.

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