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CIS 110 - Principles of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Tyler Frank

Presented by Prof. Mike Strahan, Olson Library (227-2463)

How to Locate Scholarly/Professional Information and Systematically Search the Internet

Olson Library "Ask A Librarian" reference assistance including interactive chat (227-2294) or (info@nmu.edu)

APA Style Reference Formats Guide includes examples of how to cite materials in both paper and online formats.

Library Catalog contains records for books, journal titles, government documents, etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by NMU, LSSU, Finlandia U., and GCC libraries.  (Note:  Does not contain articles which appear in journals--see Searching/Locating Article Records below.)

Library Map

Searching/Locating Article Records & Online Materials Through Databases

Notes: Students MUST HAVE NMU computer/e-mail ID & password to access FirstSearch and most other subscription databases when connecting via another Internet Provider (e.g., school district, up.net, Charter, etc.). Click here to retrieve your information.  NMU students may connect directly to the Internet via MERIT at no cost to them. Determine your local MERIT phone number for anywhere in Michigan.

Search keywords / concepts(copy & paste into search boxes)

Use for Computer Database & OneFile Searches. Highlight, copy, & paste each line into one search box. Change AND box to OR "computer self-efficacy" OR "computer apprehension" OR "computer anxiety" OR "computer phobia" (fear AND computers) OR technophobia OR cyberphobia or "computer angst"

Use for other databases. Highlight, copy & paste as one line: "computer self-efficacy" OR "computer apprehension" OR "computer anxiety" OR "computer phobia" OR (fear AND computers) OR technophobia OR cyberphobia or "computer angst"

Business & Computers

ABI/INFORM GlobalFull-Text - Contains records from nearly 2,000 Business & Economics scholarly & professional journals.  Over 50% online full-text/full-image.

Wall Street JournalFull-Text- Indexing and all full-text articles (except stocks/bonds/etc. tables) from the latest Eastern Edition.  1984-present. Same-day publication available online by 8:00 a.m. ET. Also includes product and book reviews, "Weekend Journal" & "Personal Finance" sections.  May search article full-text, and easily display contents of an individual issue through Publication Search. 

General Business File ASAP Full-Text- Contains records from over 2,700 Business & Economics scholarly & professional journals, newspapers, and wire services.  Over 58% online full-text/full-image. 

Computer DatabaseFull-Text- Indexes periodical articles covering all aspects of computer technology and systems. Full-text/full-image articles are available for over 25% of the 625+ periodicals indexed. Also includes product reviews/evaluations.

Note: capitalize AND, OR

e-books:  EBSCO eBook Collection (general & scholarly)  Books24x7 (illustrated computer books)
Yourdictionary.com - Over 800 Online Language & Specialty Dictionaries

Acquiring materials not held by Olson Library

Note: Before submitting request, must verify through NMU library catalog that we do not own book/video/etc., or subscribe to journal/magazine issue in either paper or online formats.

Interlibrary Loan - General Information

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Evaluating Internet Information
- Provided by Olson Library

"Interesting Web Sites"

Dihydrogen Monoxide - Research Division

IDchip.com    vs.    IDchips.com

Learn about search engines

NMU Art & Design - To better understand search engines, view the Source

How Search Engines Work - Written by Danny Sullivan, authority on search engines, and owner of searchenginewatch.com web site.

Internet Archives

Internet Archive- Extensive collection of archival visual resources. Check out the Wayback Machine.

Search Engines - Evaluative/Human-Powered Type

Librarian's Index to the Internet - Maintained by California librarians. Weekly updates available via e-mail.

INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resources Collection - Recommend using Advance Search mode, and select Resource Access - Free.

Search Engines - Single Search Engine, Crawler/Spider-based type

Google- Strongly recommend using Advanced Search. Consider using Images search to locate statistical tables, graphs, etc.

USAGov- Searches U.S. Federal & State Government web sites.

Search Engines - Meta-search type

Ixquick- Ranks and integrates top-10 results from each of 13 search engines. MP3, News, and Picture searches also available.

Profusion- Strongly recommend using advanced search mode for most control. Indexes 13 search engines. Alert Me! feature is great.

CNET SearchRecommend using Advanced Search, or "100+ specialty searches".

Professional Discussion Groups (not chat rooms)

CataList- Locate list of discussion groups, and subscribe to same.

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