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CJ490: Professional Development & Assessment


General Career Resources available at NMU

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance - Ref. HF 5381 .E52
Occupational Outlook Handbook - Ref. HD 8051 .A62 (also available online)
Career Outlook - Per. HF 5382.5 .U5 O3 (also available online)
Career Guide to Industries - Ref. HD 8051 .A64 (also available online)
Specialty Occupational Outlook, Trade & Technical - Ref. HF 5382.5 .U5 S594
Specialty Occupational Outlook, Professions - Ref. HF 5382.5 .U5 S595
Jobs Rated Almanac - Ref. HF 5382.5 .U5 K72 2002
O*NET Formerly the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, this online resource is touted as the nation's primary resource of occupation information.
Learning Express Library Practice tests and tutoral courses for a variety of occupations including 10 in the field of Law Enforcement. Free access to NMU students (you just have to sign in first).

The UN100 Careers courseguide contains additional resources not necessarily related to Criminal Justice.

Specific Career Resources

Believe it or not, when using a library catalog, the search term for finding out about a career is "vocational guidance", then followed by the name of the job or occupation ("law enforcement", or police, or "criminal justice", or "private security services", etc). Additional terms--recruiting (used with police), public safety. Here are some recent publications in this area:

Today's police and sheriff recruits: insights from the newest members of America's law enforcement community. Castaneda, Laura, and Ridgeway, Greg. This is an ebook.
Mentoring in the criminal justice professions: conveyance of the craft. By Frank A. Colaprete. HV9950 .C57 2009
Federal law enforcement careers: profiles of 250 high-powered positions and tactics for getting hired. By Thomas Ackerman. HV8143 .A64 2006.
Careers in criminal justice and related fields: from internship to promotion. By J. Scott Harr. HV8143 .H327 2006.
Guide to landing a career in law enforcement. By John E. Douglas. This is an ebook.
Homeland security and federal law enforcement career guide. HV6432.4 .H653 2005
Careers with government security and intelligence agencies: F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigation, C.I.A. Central Intelligence Agency, Secret Service, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Bureau of Diplomatic Security This is an ebook.
Careers in criminology. By Marilyn D. Morgan. This is an ebook.

General Online Career Resources (many seem to repackage the same information, and there are a lot more than these 4)

Career Infonet. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Job Search Websites: Law Enforcement

There are, naturally, pretty specific sites about anything. If you conduct a google search for the web address of any of these, then search "similar pages". There are many more: some looked a bit hokey to me and I did not included them in this list.

The NMU Department of Criminal Justice has a webpage on employment.
Police Employment.
Law Enforcement Jobs
Cop Career
USAJOBS. (specific to the Federal Government)

Where do you want to live? What kind of place interests you?

The Municipal Yearbook. This resource is published yearly and is an excellent resource for understanding the administration of local governments in the U.S. The chapter on staffing & compensation includes discussion and data on police departments for cities with a population of 10,000 and over. The publishers description can be found here. NMU kees the latest copy in the Reference Collection and older copies in the circulating collection. JS344 .C5 A24

Places Rated Almanac (NMU does not have this, but the Peter White Public Library does in their Career Resources collection).
BestPlaces (includes crime statistics)
FindYourSpot (I took this quiz: I think it's bogus)

QuickFacts from the U.S. Census Bureau. It all starts with the Census Bureau data. State, county, and place data (demographic, economic).

Many major magazines come out with stories about where the best places are to live based on a variety of criteria. The General OneFile database can lead you to those stories.

Cost of moving estimates. This information can also be found on some of the general career resources websites.

Real estate costs. Zillow is a popular website for this information.

Climate data. Easy to use website. Locate a place by name, anywhere in the world.

State and Local Government on the Net. Listing, and links, to all state and local government offices (for those that have a web presence--not all do ). The Municipal Yearbook also has a listing of contacts.

Would you like to be near a good college? The College Bluebook (online and print REF LA226 .C685) is a 6 volume set describing colleges in the U.S. and Canada.. Volume 1 contains narrative descriptions of colleges, volume 2 is tabular data, volume 3 is degrees offered by college and subject, volume 4 is occupational education , volume 5 is scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans, and finally volume 6 is distance learning programs
The College Navigator, from the National Center for Education Statistics.
U.S. News and World Reports ranks the best colleges every year. NMU has electronic access to this magazine, and U.S. News and World Reports provides a free sample of these rankings.

And on a very personal note, how does the city or community treat its Public Library? What is it like?

Lists of Online Newspapers: National and Worldwide

List of Newspapers
Refdesk Newspapers

Good luck in your job search! Drop us a line if you have any questions. Or contact me, Bruce Sarjeant, at 227-1580.

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