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LPM101 - Intro to Loss Prevention and LPM190 Loss Prevention Communications

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Access Issues--being asked for passwords or money in order to get an article? Off campus and using a non-NMU Internet Service Provider? You will also need to have the Cisco VPN Client installed if you continue to be prompted for your username and password when you try and access a database.

First off, as hard as this may seem, don't rely on your favorite Internet search engine for all your research. You know what you want: legit information for your research, and although the www has lots of that, a great deal more of it is just junk. You probably know by now that the term "loss prevention" is not limited to the retail industry, but is used in several fields.

For loss prevention information, try these specific databases listed below the search box, or, if you want to cast a wide net, the OneSearch feature. Sometimes narrowing your search within one database can eliminate a lot of false hits.

ABI/INFORM Global. 1971-present. Conduct a search for "loss prevention" and when you get the list of results, pay attention to what this database gives you for suggested topics--these really help.

Business Collection. Provides full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, as well as business theory and practice. Analyze company performance and activity, industry events and trends as well as the latest in management, economics and politics. Indexing, abstracts and full-text for nearly 4,000 leading business and trade publications from international, US and regional news sources.

Business Insights: Global. The default search is for a company--switch to article or keyword.

Academic Search Complete.1980-present. A general database covering nearly all topics. Search with either of these subjects: "Business Losses -- Prevention" and "Retail Trade -- Safety and Security Measures"

Google Scholar. A free "database" that behaves differently than the others listed here. The search ability differs from them, which you will see immediately. Pay close attention to how google scholar allows you to search. Narrow your study area to "Business, Administration, Finance, and Economics". Look for results with the Full-Text @ NMU link and click on that.

NCJRS Abstracts. 1970-present. Database from the Dept. of Justice, although this interface is through a paid subscription. "Index to law enforcement and criminal justice material including corrections, courts, drugs and crime, law enforcement, juvenile justice, crime statistics, domestic preparedness, and victims of crime." The free version from the Department of Justice is here.

Homeland Security Digital Library. The term "homeland security" is broad enough to include a great deal of law enforcement information. Use their advanced search screen for a more precise search.

Library Information

NMU Library Catalog. Please note: we share a catalog with 3 other schools. Also, as this is an online class and you might be far away from NMU, take advantage of your own local library regardles of its location! And the databases that are available to you there.

Criminal justice reference sources available through NMU's library.

Internet Resources

Government Resources: FBI and the Department of Justice each have search capabilities on their web pages for publications and information. USA.gov and the Catalog of Government Publications from the Government Publishing Office. Search using other terms for loss prevention, such as fraud, shoplifting, or employee theft.

Retail Industry Leaders Association. Website contains links and information on loss prevention (search for that phrase in their search box). Other retail industry organizations that are concerned with loss prevention are Security Infowatch.com, Retail Alliance, Tyco Retail Solutions, Retail Loss Prevention Exchange, Jack L. Haynes International, Ernst & Young--there are more; this is just a small list.

Internet Resources--Persuasive Writing

Purdue's OWL (The Online Writing Lab) webpage on persuasive writing.


APA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite some of the more common types of sources, including web sites and online journal articles, according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Consult the Manual in the library's Reference Collection (BF 76.7 P83) for further information or types of sources not listed here.

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Email Bruce Sarjeant or call him at 906-227-1580. You can also contact the Reference Desk through live chat or by phone at 227-2294.

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