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School of Clinical Sciences Programs of CLS & RAD

rev. 3/2/2018

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Health & Clinical Sciences Careers guide

Life After Graduation guide

Help from your Personal Embedded Librarian, Professor Mike Strahan
Office: HRDN 233
phone: (906) 227-2463

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Please Register for Distance Library Services (DLS) - Students who live off-campus (that is, not living in campus housing), are enrolled in one of the Clinical Sciences programs, and registered for CS course(s) are pre-qualified for DLS.

Looking for highly-credible web pages about clinical sciences topics?

Medical professionals use this search engine to find HONcode-certified web pages
(excludes government sites)

Also search the following highly-authoritative web sites:

Cleveland Clinic (authoritative web site)

Mayo Clinic (authoritative web site)

CDC (authoritative web site)

WHO (authoritative web site)

See Library's APA guide for example of how to format reference entry for web pages authored by

Mayo Clinic Staff, & CDC.

National professional organizations

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



Check out professional videos through the Library's subscription to Films on Demand
(highly credible films & videos)

PBS Videos - Use search box

Google Videos - Familiar search interface to broad spectrum of videos appearing on teachertube, youtube, etc.

Teachertube - Peer-reviewed broad spectrum of patient- and profession-oriented information.

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning & Online Teaching) - Peer-reviewed online teaching & learning materials.


Anatomy TV - Database contains rotatable 3D models of the human body and anatomical layers which may be gradually removed. Includes interactive head & neck, shoulder, hand, thorax & abdomen, spine, pelvis & perineum, hip, knee, and foot. Also included are common pathologies, radiological content, and interactive quizzes.
NOTE: Limited access--only 35 people among member libraries may access at the same time.
Also, 3D requires installing a viewer available on the site.

eBooks (online books)

Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders (2013)

Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders (2004)

A Supplementary Dictionary of Audiology (2012)


STAT!Ref (Limit of 35 concurrent users among member libraries)
CURRENT online medical books & dictionaries) including:

ESSENTIAL EVIDENCE PLUS™ & AHFS DI® ESSENTIALS (American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information)
In book outline, choose Essential Evidence Topics then select organ/disease/condition.
Entries include diagnosis, etiology, prevalence, etc.

AORN Guidelines for perioperative practice (2016)

Guide to Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests (2014)

Scientific American Surgery (current)

Greenfield's Surgery (2011)

Wound Management (2012

It is critical that you click on logout button when finished.

Dawn and Evolution of Cardiac Procedures: Research Avenues in Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology
(great history on all areas of surgery)

Oxford Reference online books: A-Z of Plastic Surgery (2008)

Also search NMU Library Catalog for thousands of others

PubMed (MEDLINE) - THE database for research topics in all CLS programs. Includes links to FREE articles, and NMU's collection .
As NMU students & faculty, it is important you use the library's
link to this database, not the direct URL.

For best results, search topic in MeSH, then select/apply subheadings/qualifiers. Not
sure which subheading to use? Click here to view subheadings w/definitions.

Radiography subheadings/qualifiers (usually apply to disease heading):

Radiography - Used with organs, regions, and diseases for x-ray examinations. It does not include radionuclide
imaging for which "radionuclide imaging" is used.

Radionuclide Imaging - Used for radionuclide imaging of any anatomical structure, or for the diagnosis of disease.

Ultrasonography - Used with organs and regions for ultrasonic imaging and with diseases for ultrasonic diagnosis.

Also restrict to MeSH Major topic.




CINAHL Plus with Full-Text (companion to PubMed especially for Radiography)

Cochrane Library (resource for evidence-based health care research)

Google Scholar (results arranged by most-cited)


NMU Library MLA Works Cited Examples Guide

APA Reference Style Tools (6th ed. 2010)

NMU Library APA References Examples & DOI tools

Other APA Tools:
APA Tips Checklist
APA Basic in-text Citation Styles
- Format APA Content in Presentation Slides
Captioning Tables and Figures
APA in-text citations (Diana Hacker & Barbara Fister)


Need materials not held by the Library? [ NMU Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policies ]

Click here to search & request books & videos (not articles) through MeLCat

Click here to request articles, & materials not available in MeLCat
(allow minimum of 14 days)

Zotero (FireFox & Chrome free research management tool, & Word add-in)

NMU Resolver (under Advanced Settings):

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