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EC 337: American Economic History
Library Guide

For help with any of these resources, contact Kevin McDonough through the IM window on the right, email (kmcdonou@nmu.edu), or phone (906-227-2118).

Books and E-references

Library Catalog
Contains the books, government documents, and audio-visual materials in Olson Library and three other libraries in the U.P. Books are a great place to get an overview on a subject and help narrow your topic to an answerable question. Also, many books provide links into the journal literature through the inclusion of one or more reference lists.

Databases for Periodical Literature

Indexes more than thirty years of economics literature from around the world.  EconLit is a comprehensive index of journal articles, books, book reviews, collective volume articles, working papers and dissertations.

Contains the full text of 52 economic journals and 72 history journals. JSTOR serves as an archive for important journals in particular disciplines and contains every issue for the included titles except for the last 1-5 years.

Google Scholar
Contains peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Provides unique features, such as relevance ranking of your results, the ability to find "Related Articles", and the opportunity to see other papers that have cited a specific paper. A couple of drawbacks include limited searching capabilities (full text or title), and no consistent links directly to the article.

Historical Statistics and Data

Measuring Worth
Provides historical data sets and calculators to help measure things of comparative value including prices, purchasing power, earnings, GDP, interest rates, exchange rates and other economic variables

Provides access to other researcher's data sets, including unskilled wage index, U.S. agricultural work force (1800-1900), U.S. population, etc. Much of the data is very specific and somewhat esoteric.

NBER Macrohistory database
An extensive data set that covers all aspects of the pre-WWI and interwar economies, including production, construction, employment, money, prices, asset market transactions, foreign trade, and government activity. Some data goes into the 1950s.

Historical Abstracts of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Part 1
Historical Abstracts of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Part 2
Provides a compendium of more than 12,500 statistical time series, largely annual, on American social, political, and economic development, covering periods from 1610 to 1970.

Part 1: Population. Vital statistics and health and medical care. Migration. Labor. Prices and price indexes. National income and wealth. Consumer income and expenditures. Social statistics. Land, water, and climate. Agriculture. Forestry and fisheries. Minerals.

Part 2: Construction and housing. Manufactures. Transportation. Communications. Energy. Distribution and services. International transactions and foreign commerce. Business enterprise. Productivity and technological development. Financial markets and institutions

MLA Style
MLA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite a variety of materials, including full text articles, according to MLA style.

APA Style
APA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite a variety of materials, including full text articles, according to APA style.

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