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Library Guide for
EC 410 : Managerial Economics

Library Guide maintained & instruction provided by Prof. Mike Strahan,
Library Liaison to NMU Economics Department

New resource from World Bank, prices 1960-present
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General Statistics Sources

Provides a gateway to statistics from over 100 federal agencies. Statistics are arranged in various ways: in an A to Z list, by agency, by geography, and more.

University of Michigan Documents Center
Provides links to various statistics, across many different subjects. Statististics are not confined to governmental sources.

Olson Library's Government Documents Statistics
A short list of key statistical sources arranged into the following categories: agriculture, business, demographic, education, health, international, miscellaneous, and other sources for statistics.

Specific Sources for 20 years of Data

World Bank Commodity Price Data, 1960 - Feb. 2011 (Excel file)
Provides prices for over 30 commodities. Both Monthly and Annual prices.

Statistical Abstract of the United States- Manufactures: Nondurable goods
Provides a collection of statistics on nondurable goods: Tobacco Products; Cotton, Wool, And Manmade Fibers; Textiles; Footwear; and Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers. Available back to 1878.

USDA Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System
Allows you to search by key word across reports and datasets from the Economic Research Service, National Agricultural Statistics Service, and the World Agricultural Outlook Board. Search using the term "prices" or browse by commodity. When browsing, look for annual reports or summaries.

Energy Information Administration
Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government. Includes production and average prices for coal, natural, gas, petroleum, gasoline, etc.

Minerals Yearbook
Provides production and price data for numerous metals and minerals.

Great source for macroeconomic data such as GDP, interest rates, etc.

Sources Finding Articles & Company Histories/Financials

ABI/INFORM Global w/ Wall Street Journal & Hoover's Company Records

Business Insights: Global

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