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ED 505 - Measurement & Evaluation

Tests & Testing Resources
Guide developed by Prof. Mike Strahan
Olson Library (227-2463)

Updated 6/26/09

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Library Distance Education Services (LDES) — students must meet specified eligibility criteria

APA Style Guide provides examples of how to Reference materials in both paper
and online formats.
See also examples for citing works in-text (parenthetical citations), and
Citing Tables & Figures from another source.

Article Linker Searchable list of library-subscribed online journals with database &
publisher links. Search on exact beginning of journal title, words contained in journal title,
or by subject area.
When searching for journal titles, use this before searching library catalog.

Library Catalog contains records for books, theses, journal titles, government documents, etc.,
in a variety of formats (including online) held by NMU, LSSU, Finlandia U., and GCC libraries. 
(Note:  Does not contain articles which appear in journals—see Searching/Locating Article
Records below.) Hint: Search on test name using default Guided Search screen.

Library Map

WorldCat  — Contains records for books, theses/dissertations, journal titles, government documents,etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by libraries worldwide.
WorldCat Dissertations — Contains records for only theses/dissertations held by libraries worldwide.

Sources for Reviewing or Obtaining Tests
(Note: Many tests must be purchased--they are not freely available.)

In addition to the following sources, you can search the various journal article databases to
locate information about testing instruments.

Mental Measurements Yearbook
Contains over 2,000 timely test reviews. Typically reviews include descriptive information, one or two professional reviews, and an extensive list of references to pertinent literature. To be reviewed in the MMY a test must be commercially available, be published in the English language, and be new, revised, or widely used.

Print editions 2nd (1940) through 17th (2007) available in the Olson Library Book Collection,
BF 431 .B932

The ETS Test Collection
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection contains descriptions of over 20,000
tests and research instruments. There is a short description of each testing instrument along
with availability information.

Searching/Locating Articles which discuss specific tests through databases.
Search on test name as a phrase within quotation marks " "

Students MUST HAVE NMU computer/e-mail ID & password to access FirstSearch
and most other subscription databases when connecting via another Internet Provider (e.g.,
school district, up.net, Charter, etc.). Click here to retrieve your information.  NMU students
may connect directly to the Internet via MERIT at no cost to them (determine your local MERIT
phone number

Look for the new link in records to check availability of online

Please turn off any popup blockers before using any online database.

ERIC  — Contains records for scholarly & trade journal articles, and ERIC Documents (ED's) (reports/documents, lesson plans, theses, dissertations, and conference papers).

*In order to view online ERIC documents, you must have Adobe Reader installed.
Click here to retrieve free Adobe Reader software

Search Strategy Example

enter test name as a phrase; omit hyphen

change from keyword to identifiers

"bender gestalt"


(Psychology) — Contains records for ONLINE PDF scholarly articles from 56 Psychology journals published 1985-present.

PsycInfo (Psychological Abstracts) — Contains records for scholarly journal articles,
books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses, dissertations, and conference papers. 

NOTE: You may search all three databases simultaneously by clicking Specific Databases link, checking boxes by names, and click on Continue to Search link.

Search Strategy Example

enter test name as a phrase; omit hyphen

change to Tests and Measures

"bender gestalt"

Tests and Measures, TM=

Check box to Limit results to English Only

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Acquiring materials not held by Olson Library

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Before submitting any request, you must verify through Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings and the NMU library catalog that we do not subscribe to journal/magazine issue in either paper or online formats, or we do not hold the book/video/etc.

While in an online database (e.g., ERIC), submit requests by clicking on Request form link located in popup box.

Allow minimum of 10 days to receive materials, and at least 3 weeks to receive book/other materials; request default is 30 days.
General Information

Submit requests for material found in references, or check status of requests.


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