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Education-related Research Resources & Services
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Library Guide developed/maintained by Prof. Mike Strahan

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confidentiality cannot be assured
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Updated 2/9/2012

Guide with New 6th edition (2010) Formats

Citing Tables & Figures

Zotero References Software (FireFox or Netscape only)

Find Journals Online (search by journal title)

Submit Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Requests

ILL Services

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Psychology in BF's

Specialized Education-related Library Course Guides

NMU School of Graduate Studies Thesis Information and Thesis Guidelines (2006)

AIS 435 Library graduate research course (elective) Offered winter semesters
(contact Prof. Strahan for details)

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Library Services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) — Acquiring materials not held by Olson Library

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Before submitting any request, you must verify through Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings and the NMU library catalog that we do not subscribe to journal/magazine issue in either paper or online formats, or we do not hold the book/video/etc.

While in an online database (e.g., ERIC), submit requests by clicking on Request form link located in popup box.

Allow minimum of 10 days to receive articles, and at least 2 weeks to receive books/other materials; request default is 30 days.
General Information

Submit requests for material found in references, or check status of requests.

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Specialized Education-related Library Course Guides

Early Childhood
Improvement of Instruction (ED541A)
Measurement & Evaluation (tests) ED505)
Reading Disabilities (ED571)
School Violence

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Locating library holdings of journals, government documents, books, theses, etc.

Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings - Searchable list of library-subscribed online journals with database & publisher links. Search on exact beginning of journal title, words contained in journal title, or by subject area. NOTE: When searching for journal titles, use this resource before searching the library catalog.

Search the Library Catalog by Journal Title/Author/Title/Subject or Keyword to find records for books, journal titles, theses, government documents, etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by NMU, LSSU, Finlandia U., and GCC libraries. (Note:  Does not contain articles which appear in journals—see Searching/Locating Article Records below.)

Worldwide, use WorldCat which contains records for books, theses/dissertations, journal titles, government documents,etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by libraries worldwide.

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Research measurement terms to add to search strategy (either online database/web search engine)

Searching/Locating Article Records & Online Materials Through Online Databases

NOTES:Researchers MUST HAVE their NMU computer/e-mail ID & password to access most of the databases listed below when connecting via another Internet Provider (e.g., school district, up.net, Charter, etc.). Click here to retrieve your information. 

** Important ** In order to view and download online PDF articles retrieved through FirstSearch, researchers must have Adobe Reader version 6.0 or later installed. Already installed on NMU laptops latest image. Download from NMU or Adobe.

Please turn off popup blockers before use.
Look for the new link in database records to check availability of online articles.

Lists of
library-subscribed online journals with database & publisher links

All Education, All Psychology

Special Education, Early Childhood, Counseling


ERIC  — Contains records for scholarly & trade journal articles, and ERIC Documents (ED's) (reports/documents, lesson plans, theses, dissertations, and conference papers).

Now Available: more than 100,000 full-text non-journal documents (Level 1 ED's issued 1993-present) available for free.
Look for: PDF
on Search Results screen and inside detailed record (citation, abstract, etc.).

ERIC documents that are not online full-text may be available in the Library on microfiche. Please ask at the Reference Desk for assistance & to make copies.

JSTOR — Historical coverage before rolling 2-5 years. Education-related contents include Education, History, Language, Literature, & Classical Studies, and Sociology.

Social Sciences

PsycInfo (Psychological Abstracts) — Psychology & Psychiatry. Indexes scholarly/professional journals, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses & dissertations, and conference papers. Many current records include cited references (searchable). Covers material published 1806-present.

PsycARTICLES (Psychology) — ONLINE PDF scholarly articles from 58 Psychology journals published 1987-present.


You may search all three databases simultaneously by clicking Specific Databases link, checking boxes by names, and click on Continue to Search link.

New interface allows easier setting of limits such as Publication Type, Language, Population, Age, Target Audience, Methodology, & Supplemental Data. Hold Ctrl key to select multiple choices in same limiter box.

To search for a specific test

Search Strategy Example

enter test name as a phrase; omit hyphen

change to Tests and Measures

"bender gestalt"

Tests and Measures, TM=

Check box to Limit results to English Only

SocAbs (Sociological Abstracts) — Indexes scholarly/professional journals, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses & dissertations, conference papers, and web sites. Many current records include cited references (searchable). Covers material published

Social Work
Social Services Abstracts — Social Services & Social Work. Indexes scholarly/professional journals, dissertations, web sites, and book reviews. Covers material published 1980-present.
School Law
Criminal Justice

WestLaw CampusExtensive, comprehensive full-text law resource. All Federal and state regulations & laws, published court decisions, encyclopedias and digests, etc. Covers material published 1700's-present.

LegalTrac — Law. Indexes scholarly/professional law journals & legal resources. Covers material published 1980-present.

NCJRS Abstracts (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) Indexes scholarly & trade journals, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses, dissertations, and conference papers. Covers material published 1970-present.
Note: Limit search to articles by combining search terms with the phrase
"journal article"
entered in the General Search box.

See also Legal Resources guide

School Health

Health & Wellness Resource Center (+ alternative health) — Integrated portal offers access to full-text journal and magazine articles, online illustrated encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, drug & herb finder, web sites, and health assessment tools. Covers material published
Note: Use "Search for Full Text" link to retrieve PDF version of article.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text — Nursing and Allied/Public Health materials. Indexes scholarly/professional journals, pamphlets, research instruments, theses & dissertations, etc. Many current records include cited references (searchable). Covers material published
Hint: To search for school health, use phrase "school health education"

MEDLINE — Indexes Medicine, Biomedical, and Nursing scholarly/professional journals. Covers material published 1965-present.


ABI/INFORM Global — Contains records from nearly 2,000 Business & Economics scholarly & professional journals.  Over 50% online full-text/full-image. Indexes some nursing, hospital, health management, and medical records journals. Covers articles published 1971-present.

Computer Database — Indexes periodical articles covering all aspects of computer technology and systems. Full-text/full-image articles are available for over 25% of the 625+ periodicals indexed. Also includes product reviews/evaluations. Covers material published 1982-present.

School Sports Medicine Sport Discus Contains records from over 2,000 periodicals, plus thousands of books, reports, audiovisuals, pamphlets, theses, dissertations, and conference papers. Subjects covered include sports medicine, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and training. Covers material published 1859-present. 

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Misc. Web Resources, Evaluation Guidelines, Government & Scholarly Search Engines, & Online Books

Evaluating Internet Information - Provided by Olson Library

USAGov Federal & State government web sites search engine

Google Scholar Search for scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, and books. May also be used to track cited references, and contains links to NMU Library holdings such as: Full-Text @ NMU

INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

Librarian's Internet Index Web sites evaluated by California librarians

Oxford Reference Online Premium a collection of full text illustrated encyclopedias, dictionaries, and works from the Oxford Companion series. 

EBSCO eBook Collection (general & scholarly)

Books24x7 (illustrated computer books)

AIS 435 – Research Using Digital Information Resources2 graduate credits

Winter semester evenings

Contact Prof. Strahan for more information.

Note: Elective only; not
required by School of Education.

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