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School Violence
Taught as CJ 595/ED 595 by Prof. Bob Hanson, Summer 2003 & 2004

Guide developed & instruction provided by Prof. Mike Strahan
Olson Library (227-2463)

Resources added & links updated June 2005

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APA Style Reference Formats Guide includes examples of how to cite materials in both paper and online formats.

Library Catalog contains records for books, theses, journal titles, government documents, etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by NMU, LSSU, Finlandia U., and GCC libraries.  (Note:  Does not contain articles which appear in journals—see Searching/Locating Article Records below.)

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WorldCat  — Contains records for books, theses/dissertations, journal titles, government documents,etc., in a variety of formats (including online) held by libraries worldwide.
Online Thesis/Dissertation search hint:
Check Internet Resources box and change Any Content to Thesis/Dissertation.

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Union Catalog  — Contains records for freely available online theses and dissertations held by over 200 universities worldwide.  After entering term(s), change Category to: anywhere

School Violence/Safety Web Sites

Bullying Resources — California Dept. of Education links to international sites & documents

Canadian Government Information on School Safety

Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools 1998 report referred to by state agencies

Indicators of School Crime and Safety  — November 2002 extensive report (about 200 pages, 5.74MB) authored jointly by the U.S. Education & Justice Depts.

Michigan Checklist for Preventing and Responding to School Violence (2001)

Michigan Safe Schools

National Association of School Resource Officers

National Education Association — School Safety

National School Safety Center

NCJRS School Safety Spotlight (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) Statistics, programs, publications, and other resources.

SafeState (California Attorney General's Crime & Violence Prevention Center)

School Safety (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development)

School Safety (Educator's Reference Desk, formerly AskERIC) — many links to websites and documents

School Violence Prevention and Intervention (Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice)

U.S. Department of Justice Kidspage: Information for Teachers & Parents — links to websites and documents including The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective (2000)

U.S. Secret Service Safe School Initiative — May 2002 report authored jointly by the U.S. Depts. of Education and Secret Service

Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction Resources for Safe Schools — many links to websites and documents including 2001 Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Youth Violence Prevention — U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services — many links to websites and documents

Education World — Search for school district web sites

Searching/Locating Article Records & Online Materials Through Databases

Students MUST HAVE NMU computer/e-mail ID & password to access FirstSearch and most other subscription databases when connecting via another Internet Provider (e.g., school district, up.net, Charter, etc.). Click here to retrieve your information. 

Look for the new link in records to check availability of online articles.

Please turn off any popup blockers before using any online database.

ERIC  — Contains records for scholarly & trade journal articles, and ERIC Documents (ED's) (reports/documents, lesson plans, theses, dissertations, and conference papers).

Now Available: more than 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (Level 1 ED's issued 1993-2004) available for free. Look for: Access ERIC: FullText
on Search Results screen and inside detailed record (citation, abstract, etc.).
Do not check box labeled:     Limit to: Full-Text Full text
because all ERIC Documents will be excluded from search results.
*In order to view online ERIC documents, you must have Adobe Reader version 5 or higher installed. Click here to retrieve free Adobe Reader software
*Online documents now display
faster using Adobe 7!

ERIC DIGESTS Full-Text — text-only ERIC Documents viewable in ERIC record

JSTOR Full-TextHistorical coverage before rolling 2-5 years. Education-related contents include Education (6 journal titles), Language, Literature, & Classical Studies (29 titles), and Sociology (24 titles).

School Law & Criminal Justice

WestLaw Campus
Comprehensive full-text law resource.  Covers both federal and all state laws, published court decisions, online law encyclopedias and digests, etc. 

NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) — Searchable Abstracts contains records for scholarly & trade journal articles, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses, dissertations, and conference papers. 
Note: Limit search to articles by combining search terms with the phrase
"journal article"
entered in the General Search box.

NCJRS Virtual Library full-text publications Full-Text is also available.

LegalTrac Full-Text — Contains records for scholarly and trade/professional law journals & legal resources.

See also Legal Resources guide

Social Sciences

(Psychology) Full-Text — Contains records for ONLINE PDF scholarly articles from 52 Psychology journals published 1987-present.

PsycInfo (Psychological Abstracts) — Contains records for scholarly journal articles, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses, dissertations, and conference papers. 

SocAbs (Sociological Abstracts) — Contains records for scholarly journal articles, books, book chapters, reports/documents, theses, dissertations, and conference papers.  Also indexes web sites.

Social Work & Abuse-related

Social Services Abstracts
— The database abstracts and indexes over 1,400 serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles, dissertations, web sites, and citations to book reviews.

School Health & Medicine

Health & Wellness Resource Center (+ alternative health)
Full-text/image articles, online illustrated encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, drug & herb finder, web sites, and health assessment tools are provided.  Contains records for 700+ periodicals plus hundreds of other publications. 

CINAHL Plus Full-Text — Contains records from over 900 scholarly & professional journals, plus hundreds of books, audiovisuals, pamphlets, software, dissertations, and research instruments. Covers material published 1982-present.

MEDLINE — Contains records from over 9,500 scholarly & professional journals. Covers material published 1965-present.


e-books:  EBSCO eBook Collection (general & scholarly)  Books24x7 (illustrated computer books)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Acquiring materials not held by Olson Library

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Before submitting any request, you must verify through Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings and the NMU library catalog that we do not subscribe to journal/magazine issue in either paper or online formats, or we do not hold the book/video/etc.

While in an online database (e.g., ERIC), submit requests by clicking on Request form link located in popup box.

Allow minimum of 10 days to receive articles, and at least 2 weeks to receive books/other materials; request default is 30 days.
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