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EN 211B - Narrative and Descriptive Writing
Dr. Prather

Guide Developed & Instruction provide by Prof. Mike Strahan, Olson Library

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Encyclopedias, Reference Books, & Timelines
Paper Format Comparable Online Format
Encyclopedia Britannica, and Yearbooks (Encyclopedia Case) Oxford Reference Online 120+ full-text dictionaries & reference works
search library catalog by subject:
popular culture name of country
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
Timetables of History (Ref/D/11/G78) Oxford Reference Online: Timelines
20th-century timeline related to various themes and countries.

Browse Periodicals & Newspapers of the Time (note special articles at end of year)
Paper/Microform Holdings
Online Holdings
Years Held

Call number
(all PER unless specified)

Database Name
Years Held
Atlantic (Monthly) 1857-present AP 2 .A8 General OneFile 1983-present



AP 2 .E165 microfilm

AP 2 .E165

General OneFile 1989-present
Harper's (New Monthly) Magazine



AP 2 .H3
onsite storage

AP 2 .H3

General OneFile 1993-present
Ladies Home Journal 1965-2000 AP 2 .L135 n/a  



AP 2 .L54

AP 2 .L542

General OneFile 1983-2000
Look 1961-1971 AP 2 .L79 n/a  
Mother Earth News 1970-present AP 2 .M7919 General OneFile 1991-present
Popular Science 1950-present AP 2 .P8 General OneFile 1983-present
Saturday Evening Post 1952-1969 AP 2 .S2 General OneFile 1983-present
Time Magazine 1939-present AP 2 .T37 General OneFile 1983-present
New York Times (newspaper) 1857-present AN 2 .N45 microfilm Access World News 2000-present
The Times (London)
(also subtitled Daily Universal Register )
1790-1996   Access World News 1985-present

Search Periodicals & Newspapers
Paper-based Index
Comparable Online Databases
Years Held

Call number
(all Ref Index
& Abs)

Database Name
Years Held

International Index

Social Sciences & Humanities Index

Humanities Index




AI 3 .I58

MLA Bibliography 1921-1962 P 1 .M65 MLA  1963-present


Reader's Guide



AI 3 .P71

AI 3 .R48



General OneFile (when researching character names, search by text word)

New York Times Index, 1851-1995

New York Times Index, 1996-2004

The Times (London) Index
(also subtitled Palmer's Index; Annual Index
1790-1996 AI 21 .T46 The Times (London) & Sunday Times 1985-present

Locating library holdings of journals, government documents, books, theses, etc.

Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings - Searchable list of library-subscribed online journals with database & publisher links. Search on exact beginning of journal title, words contained in journal title, or by subject area. NOTE: When searching for journal titles, use this resource before searching the library catalog.

Search the Library Catalog by Journal Title/Author/Title/Subject

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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Acquiring materials not held by Olson Library

General Information & Registration

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Before submitting request, you must verify through Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings and the NMU library catalog that we do not subscribe to journal/magazine issue in either paper or online formats, or we do not hold the book/video/etc.

While in an online database (e.g., MLA), submit request by clicking on Request form link located in popup box.

Allow minimum of 10 days to receive materials; request default is 30 days.

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Critical Analyses of authors & works

Twentieth-century short story explication : interpretations, 1900-1975, of short fiction since 1800
Ref PN 3373 .W33

Twentieth-century short story explication. New series : with checklists of books and journals used
Ref PN 3373 .W35

Gale Literary Index -- Search by author or work in all Gale biography-related resources. Titles held by Olson Library include:

About Authors Criticisms of individual works
Dictionary of Literary Biography
Ref PN 451.D52
Contemporary Literary Criticism
Ref PN 771 .C59
Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook
Ref PN 451.D526
Critical Survey of Short Fiction
Ref PN 3321 .C7

Contemporary Authors
Ref PN 771 .C65

Critical Temper, and Supplement
Ref PR 83 .C764

Contemporary Authors New Revision Series Ref PN 771 .C655

Library of Literary Criticism
Ref PR 83 .M73

Something About the Author
Ref PN 451 .S6

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
Ref PN 94 .G35

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Comprehensive Web Sites & Resources

Voice of the Shuttle
Catalogs and links to electronic resources across the broad spectrum of the humanities and related social sciences. Arranged by discipline, with separate sections for English Literature (includes American ), Literary Theory, Minority Studies, and Women's Studies, among many others. Begins with useful "Highlights" of especially important sites for each section. Fully searchable. From UC Santa Barbara.

Literary Resources on the Net
A searchable "collection of [annotated] links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts." See the General Sources section for links to syllabi and resources for writers and writing instructors. Other National Literatures features links to literature sites covering countries where English is not the primary language.

Literary Research Guide (Ref/PR/83/H34/2002) -- lists of literary resources

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Search the Library's online catalog for information About an author

1. Click the "Title/Author/Subject" tab.

2. In the 'Search for:' textbox, type the name of your author, e.g.:

Poe, Edgar Allan


3. Click the "Library of Congress Subject Headings" button

4. Click 'Search'

5. Look down through the list of subject headings related to your author; click on any that look appropriate.

6. Click on titles that appeal to you - be sure they are located here at Northern. Write down the call numbers, and find the books on the third floor.

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