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EN 211E: College Composition II
Critical Thinking & Writing

Heidi Stevenson

Library Resource Guide

Selected Sources
CQ Researcher
A weekly publication covering the critical events and controversial subjects of the day.  Each issue offers an in-depth analysis of a contemporary topic.  The most recent reports are listed on the main page but located on the left you can search or browse by topic.

Pro & Con Online
Pro & Con Online consists of three separate publications--Congressional Digest, Supreme Court Debates, and International Debates--that explores issues debated in society, on the Supreme Court, and internationally. Library's subscription limited to 15 simultaneous users.

Reference Shelf
Each issue of the Reference Shelf contains a series of articles on current topics in the news or other public policy issues. Published 5 times a year. To see the list in order by the most recent date, sort by publishing date descending.

U.S. House of Representatives & Senate Committee Hearings
Committee hearings are a rich source of information about a variety of current topics because they pull together experts from both sides of an issue. Search the most recent session of Congress (109th) or select previous sessions going back to 1995. Most all hearings are available as .pdf files.

Congressional Research Service Reports
The Congressional Research Service, an arm of the Library of Congress, serves the legislative process by providing Congress with non-partisan and in-depth legislative research and analysis on a variety of topics. CRS produces or updates more than 3,000 studies and other publications each year.

Journal and Magazine Articles
General OneFile
Index to articles in over 9,000 general and scholarly periodicals. Contains full-text articles from over 5,000 magazine and journal titles as well as newspapers from the Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Services.  Indexing begins in 1980 with full text starting in 1983.  Full text coverage varies widely from title to title.

MLA Style
MLA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite a variety of materials, including full text articles, according to MLA style.

APA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite a variety of materials according to APA sytle.

Resources for Extra Credit Handbook
The OWL at Purdue

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Cal. State University Northridge, Writing Center


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