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GR310/410: German Culture and Civilization

Professor Jon Sherman

Instruction Provided by Rachel O. Jorgensen

Library Resource Guide

The purpose of this Library Guide is to provide you with a list of materials that you can use as tools to gain a better understanding of the subject you are studying and the materials you are reading for this class. These resources can also be used to give you more information so that your response papers are well-informed.

On-Line Reference Materials

English/German Dictionary: *150,000 words and phrases; 250,000 translations *Completely updated to include the very latest vocabulary, the Concise Oxford German Dictionary offers authoritative coverage. Brand-new features include in-text notes on life and culture in the German-speaking world. *Browseable and searchable.

Oxford English Dictionary:The OED is the primary dictionary of the English language and is updated regularly. It provides definitions and how the meaning of words have changed over time.

Dictionary of 19th Century World History: ��a handy guide for the general reader who needs a quick reference to some of the most common themes, events and personalities of that age.� *E-Book: browsable and searchable

Oxford Companion to Military History: A complete overview of military history from classical times to the present, The Oxford Companion to Military History is an essential guide to how the world has been shaped by conflict. Entries on key topics such as intelligence, propaganda, tactics, women in the military, and peacekeeping are included, with over 70 maps showing the course of famous battles and campaigns. *Searchable and browseable.

Oxford Companion to World War II: ��the Companion provides unique world-wide coverage of the subject. Every aspect of the war is covered including, detailed surveys of major countries; politics and grand strategy; domestic and economic issues; resistance and intelligence services; campaigns, battles, and military operations; warfare and weapons; wartime leaders and influential people; and slogans and phrases.� *Searchable and browseable

Print Reference Resources

Reference books are shelved by the Reference Desk on the first floor of Olson Library.

Fodor�s Europe, Ref D909.F63 2003: Travel guides can be a great resource for information on cultural events and historical buildings, as well as information on dining, the arts and other areas of interest.

Dictionary of European History & Politics Since 1945, Ref D1051.U78 1996: This is a straightforward dictionary of various terms, names, events, etc that have occurred in Europe since 1945.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture, Ref DD290.26.E53 1999: This encyclopedia contains �more than a thousand entries,� consisting of German artistic and intellectual movements; German artists, writers, athletes, politicians, etc., as well as entries for political movements, religion, language, media and education.

Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia, Ref DD126.M43 2001: This resource provides brief, but comprehensive information (including bibliographies), on �the society and culture of German- and Dutch-speaking Europe from approximately C.E. 500 to 1500.� Includes maps. Provides a list of entries by categories, such as �law,� �daily life,� and �art and architecture,� for example.

Other Library Resources

Holocaust Collection: Olson Library has an extensive collection of materials related to the Holocaust. This guide provides a comprehensive list of all of the books currently held by Olson Library. The list can be sorted alphabetically by author's name or title. It can also be sorted by publication date.

ArtStor: ArtStor covers many time periods and cultures, and documents the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, design, anthropology, ethnographic and women's studies, as well as many other forms of visual culture. Users can search, view, download and organize images.

JSTOR: Provides full-text access to scholarly articles in multiple areas, from the 19th century onward. A great resource for any research project that you have to do.

MLA Bibliography: Database that allows you to search for �journals, books, and other resources in the fields of literature, language, linguistics, and folklore. Also includes materials on film studies. 1926 to present.� *Keyword searching, full-text availability *Allows for browsing by literary theme, time period, genre, etc.

Other Materials

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: A great resource for primary materials from the Holocaust, as well as more recent research and writings.

University of Wisconsin, World War I and World War II Posters and Postcards: This database provides access to posters and postcards produced during World War I and World War II. It is searchable and includes anti-German propaganda and German-produced propaganda.

The Great War Archive, Oxford University: Use a keyword search to find materials from World War I that are about Germany, or produced by Germany.

Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Provided by the University of Virginia Library, this e-text version of the classic reference work provides concise, but complete, information on the many permutations of "idea" in Western and non-Western intellectual traditions. Arranged alphabetically and by subject area with a search function.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: This encyclopedia provides comprehensive entries on philosophers, philosophical ideas, movements and concepts. Has browse and search functions.

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