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NAS 212 MI I WI Tribes, Treaties and Current Issues
Library Resource Guide


Olson Library Homepage: This is the page that you can use to navigate to any of the resources Olson Library provides for you, including e-books, full-text articles and on-line reference works.
A Note on Finding Articles vs. Books
Many students get confused by where to look for journal/magazine articles and books. In order to find magazine/journal articles, you can use OneSearch or you may use an article database. Individual articles are not listed in the Library Catalog; only the titles of magazines and journals are listed in the Library Catalog. If you need to find magazine or journal articles and don't know where to look come to the Library and we will help you figure out what to do. 

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Westlaw Campus Research – Provides access to a variety of legal information, including federal and state case law, the United States Code Annotated, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, state statutes and administrative codes, and more. Also included are 900 law journals and reviews.

Specialized/Focused Resources

Congressional Research Service Reports
The Congressional Research Service, an arm of the Library of Congress, serves the legislative process by providing Congress with non-partisan and in-depth legislative research and analysis on a variety of topics. CRS produces or updates more than 3,000 studies and other publications each year. From the Federation of American Scientists (Miscellaneous Topics might be the best place to look there), University of North Texas, Fulltextreports, Every CRS Report, and a new one from Congress.gov.

Congressional Digest Debates Online
The source formerly known as Pro & Con Online consists of three separate publications--Congressional Digest, Supreme Court Debates, and International Debates--that explore issues debated in society, on the Supreme Court, and internationally. Library's subscription limited to 15 simultaneous users.

American Indian Law Deskbook         Print                KF8205 A76
American Indian Law deskbook          Electronic        EBSCO

Indian Affairs – laws and treaties       Print                KF 8203 1904 Volume 1-7
Indian Affairs – Laws & Treaties        Electronic         Kapplers

Rights of Indians and Tribes                Electronic        EBSCO  1992 Ed
Rights of Indians and Tribes               Print                KF 8210 C5 P48 2002 Ed

Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and law   Print – Reference Collection 2 volumes

Treaties with American Indians
Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty           Electronic 

Internet Resources

Google Scholar - Journal articles, books, and other resources across many subjects. Provides a "cited by" feature to indicate other papers containing a source paper as a reference.

Clark Historical Library This web site includes an extensive Native American Bibliography, full text of treaties that effect Michigan, including Contemporary and historical issues as well as six case studies.

Minnesota Digital library Includes thousands of images from over 75 cultural heritage organizations.

Bentley Historical Library This resource guide allows the user to browse by tribe and location to access abstract information. Some information is available full text on-line.

Native American Links

Resources compiled in conjunction with the Native American Library Association.
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet .

APA Guide: Examples reflect the 6th edition, 2nd printing (© 2010) of the Publication Manual.

MLA Guide: This Guide includes some of the more common examples for citing references in a list of works cited or bibliography.


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