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Library Resource Guide
rev. 05/07/2012

Library Materials
Library Catalog (free access)
Indicates the books, periodicals, government documents, and audiovisual materials the library owns.  To find the location of materials listed in the library catalog, see the Library Map. Also, for help with call numbers including an outline of call numbers by subject see the Guide to Library of Congress Call Numbers.

The Library Catalog cannot be used to find articles in magazines or journals, only which magazines and journals the library owns (Time, Newsweek, etc.).  See Journal and Magazine Articles below for locating articles.

The Tahquamenon Area Library is a participant in this service, which allows you to borrow books from across the state, greatly broadening your research options.

eBooks (EBSCO eBook Collection)
A collection of more than 19,500 digital versions of books. In addition to being able to navigate through the contents of a book page by page, you have the ability to navigate using the Table of Contents, the Index, or to search the full text of the eBook. You can view the book for 15 minutes (no account needed) or checkout the book for 6 hours (requires creating a free account).

Pro & Con Online
Pro & Con Online consists of three separate publications--Congressional Digest, Supreme Court Debates, and International Debates--that explores issues debated in society, on the Supreme Court, and internationally. Library's subscription limited to 15 simultaneous users.

U.S. House of Representatives & Senate Committee Hearings (free access)
Committee hearings are a rich source of information about a variety of current topics because they pull together experts from both sides of an issue. Search the most recent session of Congress (109th) or select previous sessions going back to 1995. Most all hearings are available as .pdf files.

Congressional Research Service Reports (free access)
[Also included in General OneFile under Reference tab.]
The Congressional Research Service, an arm of the Library of Congress, serves the legislative process by providing Congress with non-partisan and in-depth legislative research and analysis on a variety of topics. CRS produces or updates more than 3,000 studies and other publications each year.From the Federation of American Scientists (Miscellaneous Topics might be the best place to look there), University of North Texas, Fulltextreports, Every CRS Report, and a new one from Congress.gov.

The Brookings Institution (free access)
The Brookings Institution, one of Washington's oldest think tanks, is an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to research, analysis, and public education with an emphasis on economics, foreign policy, governance, and metropolitan policy. The full text of policy briefs as well as analysis and commentary are available at this site.

Public Agenda Online (free access)
Public Agenda is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public opinion research and citizen education organization. Overviews, facts and figures, perspectives, as well as links to relevant sources on 20 common public policy issues can be found at this site.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (free access for Michigan residents)
Features contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues. This resource features continuously updated viewpoint articles, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.

Three think tanks in Michigan (free access): The Mackinac Center "A nonpartisan research and educational institute devoted to improving the quality of life for all Michigan citizens by promoting sound solutions to state and local policy questions", the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) "applies research to pressing public policy issues and builds problem-solving relationships between the academic and policymaker communities", and the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, which for over 90 years has provided "factual, unbiased independent information on significant issues concerning state and local government organization and finance".

Journal and Magazine Articles

Popular vs. Scholarly Periodicals
(free access)
Presents six criteria-- references, content, authorship, language, appearance, and
publishers --which you can apply to periodicals and periodical articles to determine whether they are scholarly or popular. These criteria offer general considerations when evaluating a periodical, or a particular article, and are listed in order of importance.

General OneFile
Index to articles in over 9,000 general and scholarly periodicals. Contains full-text articles from over 5,000 magazine and journal titles as well as newspapers from the Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Services, and (New) National Public Radio broadcast transcripts & podcasts. Indexing begins in 1980 with full text starting in 1983.  Full text coverage varies widely from title to title.

Web Search Engines (all free access)

Evaluating Internet Sources
Provided by Olson Library

Google (advanced search mode)
Per Mr. Cameron's request, must limit to the following domains: .org .edu .gov.

Federal & State & Local government web sites search engine

Google Scholar Advanced Search Screen
Search for scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, and books. When accessing through NMU computers, results will include links to online articles through NMU subscriptions, or to search our library catalog.

MLA Style
MLA Style Guide
Examples of how to cite a variety of materials, including full text articles, according to MLA style.


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