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PR 250 - Public Relations Research
Library Resource Guide


Evaluating Internet Information - Provided by Olson Library

Blogs, Forums, and RSS Feeds

Google Blog Search
The Google interface for searching blog posts. It's pure search; you don't have the browsing features or added functionality of Technorati.

Forums or Message Boards
Best located through keyword searches on Google: politics and forum OR forums

RSS Feeds
Use Google's customized home page or Google Reader to set up feeds. Feeds can be located by the RSS symbol on various Web pages or blogs. Google's customized home page allows you to add some known feeds by browsing or searching by keyword.

Library Materials



This search engine is customized for Speech students (i.e., returns results for only scholarly & peer-reviewed English-language articles sorted most-recent first). If you see a dragon-looking creature (Shibboleth), log on to continue searching.

How to use OneSearch (flash video)

Search Google Scholar (results arranged by most-cited)

Need more materials?

Need materials not available online? [ NMU Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policies ]

Click here to request articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
LDES students must indicate "Distance Education" in ILL form.

Click here to search & request books & videos (not articles) through MeLCat
Michigan LDES students--use your hometown public library card (not LDES card).
Marquette-area students--use your NMU picture ID or hometown public library card.

Click here to request materials not available in MeLCat (request through ILL)
LDES students must indicate "Distance Education" in ILL form.

Citation Resources (Help with your bibliography)

Plagiarism is using someone else's ideas or words & claiming them as your own without properly citing or attributing to the source. As the wealth of information in a variety of formats become easier to access on the Internet, it is increasingly important to properly cite where you find information. For further information, consult the NMU Writing Center handout on plagiarism , and the NMU Student Handbook policies on Academic Dishonesty under Student Rights & Responsibilities section 1.2.3 ,
& Student Code section 2.2.3 .

Zotero Zotero helps you collect, manage, and cite (many styles including APA) all types of works.
Current version works only with FireFox web browser.

View installation & NMU customization guides

Download Zotero plugin and Microsoft Word plugin

After installation, copy & paste the following NMU Resolver into Advanced Settings:

View NMU library-produced how-to Zotero videos  

APA Reference Style Tools (6th ed. 2010)

NMU Library's APA reference style guide (extensive examples)

Transitioning from MLA to APA style

Citing sources in-text examples (Diana Hacker)

How to cite in-text (first citation & subsequent citation to same work)

How to reference (flash videos)

Captioning & citing of tables & figures

APA website resources

APA-created tutorial videos

Sample papers (note: tables & figures are published, not student manuscript formats)

APA style FAQs (apastyle.org)


Library Assistance

Olson Library "Ask A Librarian" assistance including interactive chat, phone (227-2294) or email (info@nmu.edu).



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