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PS 309: State & Local Government

Reference Resources (print & electronic)

The Municipal Yearbook. This resource is published yearly and is an excellent resource for understanding the administration of local governments in the U.S. Chapters cover management issues and trends, intergovernmental dimensions, as well as staffing and compensation. Statistics are provided. Annotated endnotes reside at the end of each chapter. A directory of agencies, organizations, and municipal officials is included as well. JS344 .C5 A24

List of publications and online resources from the Michigan Legislature. These pertain to both local and state subjects. Of interest is the Michigan Manual, a print and online guide for Michigan government. JK5381 2007/2008.

Michigan Courts. Centralized web resource for court information. Offers links to the Michigan Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and trial courts. Also provides an overview of the court system, online court forms, current court rules, court schedules, etc.

Watch House (House TV) and the Senate (Senate Stream) online. From the state, the Michigan Government Newswire.

From the Michigan Legislature website: Michigan Constitution. Article VII: Local Government and Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) . Townships begin with Chapter 41 and other local governing entities follow--Counties in Chapter 45, Villages 61 and beyond, Municipalities in Chapter 124, etc. The Westlaw Campus database has the Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated (click on State Constitutions & Statutes on the left hand side, then select Michigan). The resources under Leagues and Associations (just below on this page) assist local governing bodies in Michigan in understanding and implementing these laws.

Municipal Codes Online: Michigan. Not all of Michigan's municipalities are represented, but many are. For other codes, you might go to the particular local government website itself (as in the case of Marquette).

Leagues and Associations

The Michigan Municipal League. Since 1899, this has been a statewide organization bringing together "city, village, township and county officials to exchange information, to learn from one another, to develop unified policies on matters of municipal concern and to speak as a collective voice on those matters including, most importantly, home rule for local government." Many resources are available for local governments including legal assistance as well as handbooks and guides for local governing.

Michigan Association of Regions. There are 14 state planning and development regions (sometimes refered to as COG's [Council of Government]), 3 in the U.P. and 11 downstate. Each has a web presence and contains publications and resources pertinent to the local area. From their website: "A regional council is a multi-service entity with state and locally-defined boundaries that delivers a variety of federal, state, and local programs while continuing its function as a planning organization, technical assistance provider and “visionary” to its member local governments. As such, they are accountable to local units of government and effective partners for state and federal governments."

Michigan Association of Counties. In service to Michigan counties since 1898. Little is available to the general public compared to the Municipal League and the Townships Association (registration is required). Clickable list of counties and their government websites is avaialble, though.

Michigan Townships Association. Providing a unified voice and assistance to townships in Michigan as well a central reference point. The website requires a membership in order to obtain more resources. They have the ability to search for a township, the results of which include its contact information, where it is located, and official website--if available.

Intertribal Council of Michigan. Among other support provided for the federally recognized tribes in Michigan is the assistance in developing tribal regulations and ordinances.

Michigan Association of Mayors. Group organized to assist the chief elected officials of cities and villages in Michigan.

Michigan Municipal Executives. "The purpose of MME is to foster and encourage the personal and professional development of its members in order that they may better serve their communities and to promote, encourage, and preserve high ethical standards for municipal administrators."

League of Women Voters of Michigan. Nonpartisan organization to encourage citizen participation in government.

Michigan Association of School Boards. Among the resources from this group are publications and an Advocacy & Legislation section pertaining to current issues.

Michigan: State & Local Government on the Net. Not an all-inclusive list of the local government websites in Michigan, but an orderly one. Compliments the links above.

If you need help with any of these resources, ask for assistance at the Library's Reference Desk (227-2294), use the live chat, or contact Bruce Sarjeant, Reference Librarian (227-1580).

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