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SW 208: Research Methods


Locating Statistical Resources

At NMU, the Government Documents webpages has a collection of links to resources and the library has a collection of electronic resources. Both are arranged beginning into catagories such as health, demographics, economics, general, agriculture, etc, and include resources on Michigan.

An imperfect yet practical method: in the NMU library advanced search screen, type in the word statistics (change the search field to subject), and then in the search box below, add what it is you are searching for--you might change that to subject as well. This method works in other library catalogs as well, in particular the WorldCat catalog. The results showing up in both catalogs will indicate print and online sources.

Searching in an appropriate NMU database will point you in the direction of statistical resources, either directly from a statistical publication or from the references cited in an article or study on the topic you are interested in.

I will refer you to several online guides that have alread been created at other university libraries. NMU might not have acces to some of the electronic references they mention, though.

The University of Michigan has a detailed listing of resources..

The University of North Texas and Michigan State University have statistical resource web pages that I found helpful. Some resources they point out may only be available at those schools, though.

From the United kingdom, comes Intut's list of resources of statistics & data. The resources aren't limited to the UK or Europe (this website has not been updates since July 2011).

Searching Online Yourself

Google advanced search (or any advanced search screen: Ask, Yahoo, etc), will be your best friend here, giving you more options for the terms you want to use and the domains you want to search (.edu, .gov, .org). Watch out, though, and give your resource a hard look with these questions .

Find a resource you found useful and would like to see added to this page? Please let me know.

If you need help locating resources, ask for assistance at the Library's Reference Desk (227-2294), use the live chat , or contact Bruce Sarjeant, Reference, Documents & Maps Librarian (227-1580).


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