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NMU Books: Print & Electronic
Search by film titles, directors, actors, etc. To limit search results to Olson Library, select NMU Olson Library from the Location drop-down menu.

NMU Journals: Print & Electronic
An alphabetical list of film study journals available online and in print. Click on a journal title to determine which issues are available and where they are located.

NMU Movies: Video & DVD
To locate films, enter the word 'videorecording' and film titles, directors, actors, or subjects (e.g. videorecording spike lee). To limit search results to Olson Library, select NMU Olson Library from the Location drop-down menu.


Film Literature Index: Index to articles found in 150 film and television magazines and journals from 30 countries.



Film Studies Minor (English Department)

Digital Cinema (Art & Design Department)

Media Production & New Technologies (Communication & Performance Studies Department)


IMDB - The Internet Movie Database: Includes links to reviews, plot summaries, and filmographies.

Rotten Tomatoes: An objective resource for coverage of movies and videos, including 644,000 review links.

Kinoeye: A web source for cinema from the new Europe.

Alfred Hitchcock - Master of Suspense: Your first stop if you have an interest in Hitchcock.

Early Motion Pictures: American Memory Project from the Library of Congress.

Palace - The Classic Film Site: A site for Hollywood's golden era and the great classic films.

An Introduction to Early Cinema: First decade of motion pictures and the developments which helped shaped cinema.

Society for Cinema & Media: A site that promotes scholarly study of film, television, video, and new media.

Film Site: Greatest and the best in cinematic history.


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