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Holocaust Materials

The Holocaust Collection of the Lydia M. Olson Library consists of books, journals, audio-visual materials and documents relating to the Holocaust. The aim of the Collection is to provide Northern Michigan University students and the public of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a record of information about the Holocaust and to promote both an awareness and an understanding of the event and its significance for all humanity, now and for the future.

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To limit your search results to specific types of materials, choose from the following options:
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Electronic Resources


Holocaust resources may also be found at the following websites:

        Teacher Resources
Nuremburg Project
Holocaust Survivors' Network Central Database of Shoah (Holocaust) Victim's Names
International Tracing Service - Bad Arolsen Justice Department Censors Nazi-Hunting History (National Security Archives, George Washington University)
Portraits of Honor Early Warning Project
The Nuremberg Code The Auschwitz Album
Defending History Site The Latvian Jewish Courier
Holocaust Teacher Resources Center Museum of Jewish Heritage
Online Testimony Viewer from the Survivors of the SHOAH Visual History Foundation

Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive University of Michigan-Dearborn. More than 659 hours of audio and video interviews of Holocaust survivors.

Holocaust History Project - The primary function of this link is to directly combat Holocaust denial, especially the pseudo-scholarship of British historian David Irving. The articles themselves are of mixed quality - some of them being derivative of existing literature and not always written by an established scholar, but they are nonetheless academic and respectable with some of them of particular interest on specific subjects.

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