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Printing in the Library

Olson Library maintains 1 color and 2 black & white laser printers. Both printers are configured on NMU issued laptops as well as the public computers located in the library. If you are using a personal computer you can have the printer drivers installed at the HelpDesk in order to print in the library.

The cost is .05 cents a page for black & white and .15 cents a page for color copies and you must have money (Catcash) on your NMU student ID. The printers do not accept cash.

You can add CatCash to your NMU student ID via the automated teller located in the lobby of the library ($1 minimum). Additionally, you can add CatCash online with a major credit card through MyNMU. There is a $20.00 minimum deposit when adding CatCash with a credit card. See Adding CatCash for additional details.

For visitors who do not have a NMU student ID, you can purchase a print card from the automated teller located in the lobby of the library. The cost is $5.00 and comes with $3.00 worth of printing (additional money can be added). The cost of the card, and any unused money, are non-refundable.

Your computer must be connected to the campus network, either Wi-Fi or with an ethernet cable. To test your Internet connection, open your Internet browser and go to google.com. If you are unable to connect to Google it is likely you are not properly connected to the network. If you were previously connected to the network from another location you may need to disconnect then reconnect. If you are having trouble connecting to the network, stop at the public services desk for assistance.

Once you are connected to the network,

  1. Select the print command from your application.
  2. Select either Library Laser (for black & white) or Color Library Laser & click OK to send.
  3. Swipe your NMU student ID at the printer workstations.
  4. Highlight your document (from your user id or the number found on the monitor of a library computer) and click the print button.
  5. Click the logout button when you are finished printing.

For additional assistance, please see the staff at the public services desk.

Library Hours
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Sat: 12:00 noon - 8:00 p.m.
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