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AD 100 / UN 100 Library Instruction

This page provides information for instructors to arrange course-related library instruction and tours for AD 100 / UN 100 courses only.

Program-related Paper/Assignment - Instruction provided by LIS faculty member

If you are assigning a short paper / assignment (including a careers-type of assignment) and expect students to search for academic materials instead of using Google and Facebook, this instruction option is for you!

An LIS faculty member will teach your students how to search for program-specific literature using library-provided databases and resources, learn about program-specific style (APA, MLA, or Turabian/Chicago), and assist students during in-class time to work on your assignment. Instruction sessions are provided in an Olson Library classroom or your regular course classroom. Programs which regularly receive this type of instruction include Art & Design, Building Tech/Construction, Engineering Tech, Nursing, and Psychology.

Do not have an assignment? Library faculty will assist instructors to create a library-friendly assignment.


  • As the AD/UN 100 course instructor, you are required to attend library session with your students.
  • Library tour may be combined with library instruction session (see below).
  • Library Instruction is not available during the first week of classes.

Library faculty teach towards your specific assignment.
Click here to request AD/UN 100 library instruction session

Are you using EduCat? If so, you may request an LIS faculty member become embedded into your course.
Click here to learn more about Embedded Library Instruction Services

If your FYE block does not contain an English Composition course (EN 111, 109 or 090) or you know your students will not receive a tour through their English course, then
Please click here to request a walking tour of the library for your AD 100 / UN 100 class for the same date/time as your library instruction session.

The 25-minute guided walking tour of the library is customized to your program resources, and is led by a trained library student assistant. These tours will show students where to print, how to add money to ID, how to reserve a conference room, where to check out materials, what library services are available, and where program-specific materials are located in the library.

Library Tours are not available during the first week of classes.


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