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Library Instruction

This page provides information for faculty to arrange course-related library instruction for classes.

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Important: Library Instruction is not available to EN 111 classes.

However, walking library tours are available:

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ELIS: Embedded Library Instruction Services

ELIS is the next step in state-of-the-art, personal pro-active library services to NMU students. ELIS is available to all types of courses which incorporate EduCat and utilize library resources & services, including web-enhanced (in-class + EduCat), hybrid, and online-only. It is applicable to all levels of courses from certificate through doctoral degrees. 

ELIS is a direct, organized library presence in NMU course management systems. It reaches beyond having an LIS faculty member as "guest speaker"--it is an entire package of resources which are added to the online component of your courses.  Using a basic template, LIS faculty do all of the work of creating, customizing, & then managing ELIS throughout the semester, including answering questions posted in the Forums/Discussion folders or received through other means (e-mail or chat). We are willing to work with course instructors to enhance existing or develop new library-friendly assignments.

Click here to learn more about Embedded Library Instruction Services, and NEW procedure to instantly add an embedded liaison person to your EduCat component.

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To arrange for library instruction: 

1. Please use the Instruction Request Form to initiate arrangements for a session taught by library faculty member, and tailored to the needs of your class. Instruction sessions are most successful and best scheduled when students learn about resources as they begin work on assignments.

2. A library faculty member will contact you to discuss the needs of your class and to confirm whether your preferred date and time for instruction is available.

3. Your instruction session will meet during the regularly-scheduled class time in either the course classroom, or an available library classroom.
Note: You are expected to attend library instruction session(s) with your students.

A minimum 14-day advanced notice is required to help accommodate your preferred instruction date. Please also provide alternative dates as requested. To insure instruction sessions during peak periods of the semester, many faculty arrange library instruction months in advance.

Library faculty teach resources directly related to student assignments; therefore, assignment details will be requested.

Steps Toward a Successful Library Research Experience.
Why Library and Information Instruction?

Information technologies are transforming the traditional tools for research. Increased access to information sources also means increased complexity. Instruction in information skills provides students a framework for lifelong learning.

Why Library and Information Access Instruction?

The faculty at Olson Library will help your students write more thought out papers by teaching them how to investigate topics using a wide range of information sources. In a course-related library instruction session, we focus on specific research tools or subject areas geared to your course needs and class assignments. Students learn to select, use and evaluate specific resources, such as online databases, reference works, and Internet sites.


A library instruction presentation can be designed to fit any course. Depending on the time allotted, it could include various combinations of the following:

  • Explanation of information resources and specific reference tools relating to course content and student assignment. 
  • Explanation of how to formulate effective search statements, and critically analyze search results.
  • Demonstration of how to choose and use OneSearch and/or appropriate subject-specific databases, and how to locate journal articles.
  • Demonstration of how to use the library online catalog.
  • Application of in-class active learning exercises to critically evaluate periodical articles and Internet resources.

?Still have questions?  Please contact

Mollie Freier  227-1061

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